21 July 2023

Au revoir, Year 6.

It’s always an emotional last day when we say goodbye to our Year 6 classes.  Although we’ve definitely had our moments during the years, there is an overwhelming feeling that they are ‘just right’ and that’s the moment when they are plucked from us and we have to say goodbye.  Parents, staff and pupils in Year 5 enjoyed the customary secondary uniform fashion show (some of the blazers were huge!) and the memories and poetry shared were very moving.  I personally adore the ‘most likely to’ award ceremony.  Because it is a measure of just how well these children know each other that, even before the teacher has said the name, they are already saying it.  They know who is most likely to win the nobel peace prize, direct horror movies or become a fashion influencer, because in many cases, through the good times and the ‘falling out’ times, they have spent those times together.  I never like to say goodbye to them, so I say ‘au revoir’ which means ‘goodbye until we meet again’.  We will miss you and wish you the very best.  Love, Ms Achenbach XXX

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Published on 21st July, 2023

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