03 March 2022

The Reading Café is now OPEN!

Yesterday, we opened the Whitehorse Junior Reading Café (within the school library). Our aim is to encourage Reading for pleasure and for children to foster the love of reading; building their knowledge of great authors and their writing.

The children in Year 5 had the opportunity to sit back, relax and dive straight into a range of fantastic poems, picture books and stories, whilst sampling a delicious croissant. Some children buddied up on the large bean bags and read aloud to each other, some children listened to the audio books we had on offer, some children sat back and watched a range of celebrities and authors reading a 10 minute story on the interactive whiteboard and some children decided to find a cosy area of the café to immerse themselves into their very own book.

It was great to see the children engaged in Reading and sharing their opinions about the books they chose.

We look forward to opening the Reading café again soon!

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Published on 3rd March, 2022

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