18 July 2023

Year 3 visit RHS Wisley

Year 3 Visit RHS Wisley

As part of their learning all about plants, Year 3 visited RHS Wisley on Monday 17th July.  Mrs McWhinnie and Ms Sisodia report:

‘We all had a wonderful day at Wisley! 

First, we split into our two classes. 3M went off to investigate the outside area (until it began to rain!) and then the glasshouse to look at the tropical plants and desert plants. We were fascinated by the wide variety of species and some of us couldn’t believe that they were real! We had taken our sketch books and some pencils and pastels to sketch the different plants, focussing on the shapes, colours and patterns we could see. Meanwhile, 3S had a workshop that involved finding out about seeds and pollination. They looked at different plants and seeds with magnifying glasses and then went into the garden to look for seeds and seed pods growing on the plants. After that they went to the oldest part of RHS Wisley, The Oak Wood, where they were shown many different trees and learned about how the trees are pollinated. They were shown the oldest tree in the gardens, a 100 year old Redwood tree and were surprised to find out that the biggest trees do not necessarily have the largest seed pods (pine cones)!​ Their session was then finished off with planting cornflowers which they were allowed to take home.  After lunch, both classes swapped over to have the same experiences. We were certainly kept busy throughout the day!’

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Published on 18th July, 2023

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