24 May 2023

It’s been a ‘mammoth’ day in Year 3 at Atwood

Year 3 solve the riddle of the missing Mammoth!

Our Year 3 children received a message last week  to say that a mother mammoth had lost her baby and the children needed to find the clues to find it!​

The children were provided with a set of Clue Cards.

Each clue card also gave compass directions for the children to follow. The children had to use the compass to find their way and they had to plot their route on a map of the school grounds. They had to keep each clue card because on the back were words that, when rearranged, would eventually tell them where to find the baby mammoth.

They all had a lot of fun and didn’t get lost!  Furthermore, Year 3 got the baby mammoth back to it’s mother, safe and sound.

The aim of the session was to develop their map reading and map making skills and to develop their understanding of how to use a compass and recognise the 8 points of the compass, all linked to their thematic geography learning.

Mrs McWhinnie

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Published on 24th May, 2023

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