14 September 2023

Atwood super fundraiser

One of our Year 3 pupils was busy through the summer on an inspiring fundraising mission.

Having been inspired by the last Year 5 enterprise sale, Laiq had the bright idea of setting up a little charity plant sale on his driveway in memory of his little brother Usayd. He was very eager to make it happen. He wrote a  business plan, complete with drawings, to convince his parents who then helped him to buy stock, ask for discounts and donations, pot up plants and make signs to promote his sale.

Despite a thunderstorm, torrential rain and a leaky gazebo, on the day of the sale customers came.  After a busy day, Laiq managed to raise a whopping £600 at his plant stand for his chosen charity, SOFT UK.  The family also had a Just Giving site set up for donations from people who were not able to make it.  Incredibly it has now raised  just under £5,300! The family are ‘mind-blown’ at the love and support.

The charity SOFT UK provides much needed support for children and families affected by trisomy disorders such as Patau’s and Edward’s syndrome. The charity helped Laiq’s family when their youngest son, Usayd, was diagnosed with Patau’s syndrome. He was born in 2021 and lived for just 34 hours. Laiq threw all the love for his little brother into his plant sale and his family and Atwood are so proud of him for driving this idea forward and working so hard on it.

Well done, Laiq!  What a superstar.

If you would like to read more or donate to the just giving page, please follow the link.



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Published on 14th September, 2023

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