01 July 2022

WHM Decennial Whole School Photograph

Today was the day when our ‘decennial’ (it means every 10 years – I Googled it!) whole school photograph was taken out on the field.  Our thanks to Tempest Photography who were busy building the stands from 8am, then dismantling the stands and transporting the stands to Brigstock.  To be fair, it’s pretty high up (and steep!) when you’re the eldest classes at the back, but our children were well behaved and followed all instructions like professionals.  It’s so lovely to hear staff saying ‘It’s my second one’ or ‘It’s my third’: it shows the longevity of staff at the Whitehorse Schools.  It was also lovely to have a member of infant staff who had appeared in the 2012 junior photo as a student, now appearing in the 2022 photo as a member of staff.  We can’t publish the pictures yet, but did manage to get one sneaky ‘behind the scenes’ shot.

Published on 1st July, 2022

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