09 February 2024

WHJUN Museum Day 2024

The doors to the WHJUN Thematic Museum were thrown open today as we welcomed parents and children to our annual Museum Day.  Year 3 was hung in black and dour staff ‘welcomed’ children to a taste of Victorian education and gruel.  The Year 4 corridor was respendent in Roman shields and carefully stitched purses.  The Viking invasion was in full swing upstairs in Year 5 with offerings of smoked fish and curd cheese – whilst Sven the cardboard Viking was joined by a newer, smaller friend.  Finally, Year 6 glittered with Egyptian death masks, talismans and shudufs.  Project homework filled the spaces in between and the whole school looked spectacular. What a wonderful way for children across the school to share their work.  I hope you had time to join us and congratulate the children (and staff) who made the extra effort to dress the part (it’s amazing what you can find at the back of a wardrobe…)

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Published on 9th February, 2024

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