11 June 2024

Whitehorse Manor Juniors take part in the Pegasus Cup

The Pegasus Trust held their first ever Pegasus Trust Games.  Children from Year 5 and 6 were chosen from all the schools in our Trust to compete against each other.  The event was held at Croydon Arena, which would also give the children a taster of what the actual Croydon Schools Athletics competition will be like in just a couple of weeks.  The children all fought hard and competed in several athletic events including individual sprints and field events; the final was a competitive 4×100 relay in which the Whitehorse Girls were triumphant.  The sprint team were Ajlal, Aaliyah, Divine, Ja’nnay and Paulina. Whitehorse were also victorious in the high jump; the year 5 winners were Olivia and Romane, and the year 6 winners were Sfreylin and Divine.  Paulina won the girls 100 metres sprint and Adalberto threw a ball an amazing 58 metres to convincingly win the Rounders ball throw.   We are so proud of all the athletes (including Santrell, Doneil, David, Albert, Tamiah, Nico, Asraf, Yonas, Parys, Alysia, Esme and Gabrielle) that took part and we cannot wait to see what they can do at the Croydon Schools.  Well done!

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Published on 11th June, 2024

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