11 September 2023

A Wonderful Whitehorse Welcome Back!

It was lovely to welcome our pupils back last week in blazing sunshine and I’d like to extend a huge welcome to our new Year 3 classes, who have already been demonstrating great learning behaviours in their first week with us.

All the children have made a fantastic start to the year and we have already been visited by some of our recently departed Year 6, looking super smart in their new secondary uniforms (and missing us!)  We were also visited by a lost Canada goose who caused some uproar on the field for a day, before recovering enough to fly off to pastures (or lakes) new.

On Friday, I sent out my first newsletter via messages on Studybugs which included information about our revised behaviour policy.  I attach a copy of this newsletter here if you missed it.  The revised behaviour policy has been carefully considered to place the strongest emphasis on encouraging and celebrating the positive behaviour our children demonstrate so well.

We are putting a real emphasis on the ‘Terrific Trio’ (kind thoughts; kind words; kind actions), and an adult or a classmate may show appreciation for these by writing a note on a Recognition Board. We think that taking a minute to give a ‘shout out’ celebrates the positive behaviour that we want to see and lets children know that their efforts do not go unnoticed.  As I said in my assembly this morning, kindness is one of the very best qualities to have and you might not always be the best at everything; but you can always be kind.

All communication this year is via Studybugs, so please make sure that you have the app so that we can keep you well informed.  As always, if you have any questions about any aspect of life at WHJUN, please feel welcome to speak to your child’s class teacher in the first instance, or any member of the leadership team.


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Published on 11th September, 2023

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