06 March 2023

WHINF – Spring has arrived in our Reception outdoor area

Last week, the Reception team worked hard to bring the feeling of spring to our outdoor area.  Staff got creative and brought lots of bright colours to the outdoor space and have made it a great space to encourage children to use their imaginations.  We welcomed Kevin and Carl our minion planters who are helping to keep our new plants safe and have enjoyed spotting the beautiful daffodils that appeared over the weekend. Spare tyres have been painted and transformed in to small world play areas and everyone has enjoyed exploring these new worlds. The children have been speaking about what is happening in their small world play and it has provided opportunities to develop their language and build their vocabulary. Children have been taking part in messy play activities to improve their motor skills as well as enjoying an alfresco snack at the Whitehorse Café.  We thank all our amazing, creative staff for their hard work in making our outdoor provision look fantastic.

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Published on 6th March, 2023

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