02 October 2020

They Rule the School!

This week, staff and pupils at WHJUN-Main site have used some fantastic technical wizardry to overcome the limitations of social distancing.

Question: How do candidates for our House Team leadership get their message out to their voters?

Answer: With a ‘PowerPoint’ presentation including embedded videos of the candidates giving their election speeches and instructions on how to vote.

What a timely reminder about the democratic process for all our pupils and a big well done to our successful candidates.  I look forward to hearing your ideas for how we can make our school the best place possible for all our pupils.

Athens House: Mia (House Captain), Shaniah (Vice-Captain), Idris and Mustafa (Monitors)

Olympia House: Xavier (House Captain), Shakira (Vice-Captain), Gabriell and Veanisha (Monitors)

Corinth House: Luke (House Captain), Amara (Vice-Captain), NJ and Aisha (Monitors)

Sparta House: Tyler (House Captain), Eugenia (Vice-Captain), Jonathan and Yusuf (Monitors)

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Published on 2nd October, 2020

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