07 January 2022

Risk Assessment for schools in the Pegasus Academy Trust – January 2022

New Risk Assessment (RA) January 2022

With the emergence of the Omicron variant we now need to make certain changes to our working practices within our schools in order to ensure all our children and staff are safe.  We have been blessed so far in that none of the schools in the Trust have had to send classes or year groups home but we are well aware that should there be multiple children in a year group testing positive or too many staff who have caught the virus this may be inevitable.  The good news is that the changes are less wide ranging this time around and there is to be no return to ‘Bubbles’ or any of those measures that made school life so hard in previous terms.  If anyone wonders how the time of senior leaders is taken up as a result of COVID-19 they should note that this is version 16 of this risk assessment.

Main changes:

  • [6.2] All our schools now have CO2 monitors and more are on order for school offices and communal area.  The new RA contains advice for staff about when it is appropriate to open windows to refresh the air in classroom and encouragement to periodically ‘flush’ the air to keep CO2 (and the associated viral particles) low.  There is a video explaining this here;
  • [5.1] Indoor communal gatherings are suspended until further notice – i.e. assemblies, concerts, etc;
  • [5.2] Staffrooms are now closed again for the time being in order to keep staff well distanced and to protect against a mass outbreak amongst staff;
  • [1.2] Staff must wear PPE (Face masks or face shields) in communal areas once again.  Parents may also choose to wear masks on school premises, especially where existing paths mean that they are in close proximity to other parents but it is not yet a requirement;
  • [4.1] The Trust continues to think about how access to our schools might be changed in order to ensure better social distancing.  A set of paths at Ecclesbourne Primary School where there is not enough space is planned to be widened at the February half term.

All in all we think this is a proportionate set of measures at this time and if the situation worsens we will update staff and parents accordingly.

Jolyon Roberts
Executive Principal

Published on 7th January, 2022

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