13 October 2021

Year 6 Study Migration and Refugees

Year 6 have been studying artwork and poetry based around themes of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.  We have looked at the beautiful graphic text ‘The Arrival’ by Shaun Tan which tells a universal story of immigration. The story is about a man leaving his home to find work and support his family, whose home has apparently become unsafe. In the new land, the man goes through a lengthy administrative process and manages to find a small living space.  We have also studied a selection of poetry by Michael Rosen from his book ‘On The Move’.  These poems are also based around themes of migration and refugees.  This book has been stunningly illustrated by Quentin Blake whose messy style and use of dark shading perfectly replicates the sombre mood of the poetry.  Finally, we have studied the palindrome poem ‘Refugee’ by Brian Bilston.  The children have performed and recorded it for your enjoyment.

Oak Class – Brigstock

Beech Class – Cypress

Oak Class – Cypress

Suffolk Class – Whitehorse Manor Junior

Video 1 Part 1

Video 1 Part 2

Video 2 Part 1

Video 2 Part 2

Video 3 Part 1

Video 3 Part 2

Video 4 Part 1

Video 4 Part 2

Video 5 Part 1

Video 5 Part 2





Published on 13th October, 2021

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