14 July 2023

BINF- Celebrating Success -ESOL course for Parents

This year’s ESOL course, for our parents, concluded on Tuesday.  The course is run by CALAT but takes place in our school, over two terms.  Every session has been well attended and all learning has been with great enthusiasm.  Our congratulations go out to all of our parents for successfully passing their English exams because they have all worked extremely hard to achieve this!  We would also like to say well done to all of their children who joined their parents each week, for the last part of each session, to make useful materials to practise their English skills.  It has been a wonderful experience for all!  We would also like to say a big THANK YOU to Jacqueline Slattery who ran the course with such positivity and dedication and to Ms Montoya who supported and encouraged our Beulah children.

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Published on 14th July, 2023

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