12 July 2023

Atwood’s presents the spectacular Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz simply sparkled

This week has seen the children in Years 5 and 6 perform their rendition of the ever popular, Wizard of Oz.  With Year 5 as the choir, ably assisted by some of Atwood’s talented musicians on piano, drums and guitar, and Year 6 taking to the stage, the shows on Monday and Tuesday were amazing.

Atwood has a proud tradition of putting on plays and performances so that the children can learn what it is like to work as a team and pull together to produce a quality show.  This gives all of the children, including those on stage and in the wings, supporting the cast with sound, light and props, the opportunity to ‘find their voice’.

The end of year performance is a real team effort with the staff, children and parents coming together to wow the audience.

I was lucky enough to watch the performance on Tuesday and I had to pinch myself, as I too, have ‘grown-up’ with these two year groups and to see them on stage acting, singing and dancing demonstrated to me how far they have come whilst being at Atwood.

I wish to thank so many people:  the children, staff and parents; the FOAP for providing pre-show and interval drinks, everyone who worked backstage with costumes and make-up; Mr O’Connor and Mr McGery for their tireless work with the stage and chairs; to the ladies in the office for keeping everything in order and Mr Beaumont and Mr Marrow for all things music.

Super work, children!

Mr Veale


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Published on 12th July, 2023

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