01 April 2022

CYP Lower: Year 2 see the sights in London!

This week Year 2 at Cypress Primary visited London and we walked well over 13,000 steps in total!  We walked to Norwood Junction and caught the train to London Bridge station.  Then we walked over London Bridge, spotting famous London landmarks such as Tower Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral.  Next we found The Monument, tucked away at the end of Pudding Lane where the Great Fire of London started way back in 1666.  We then visited the beautiful St Dunstan’s in the East church before finally reaching The Garden at 120 for lunch and stunning panoramic views of London.  Finally, we walked back to London Bridge to travel back to school by train.

Some children in Turquoise class reflected on their trip to London:

  • Leo: “I enjoyed experiencing all of the London landmarks in real life!”
  • Eva-Lily: “It was amazing seeing The Monument because it was built a long time ago to remember the people who died in the Great Fire of London.”
  • Donald: “Before we got off the train I saw the Shard!”

Every single child in year 2 was impeccably behaved and we even had some members of the public commenting on the wonderful, respectful behaviour of our children.  We are very proud of you all and hope that everyone enjoyed our London adventure!  Thank you to our parent volunteers for their support.



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Published on 1st April, 2022

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