09 June 2023

BINF – Summer is here!

What a fantastic start to our very last term! This week, we have been looking after our garden. We planted some herbs and the courgette and bean plants that we had grown from seed, earlier in the year.  How lucky we were that our strawberries were ready to collect and we have been eating them as a snack. While gardening, we found a cocoon between the weeds. We kept it in the classroom and on Friday when we arrived a beautiful moth emerged! We let it free by the bushes, where it can fly at night.  In literacy, we have been talking about initial sounds in words and matching toys that begin with the same letter sound.  In maths, we have been talking about patterns and looking to see how they repeat again and again.  We had great fun making patterned necklaces using two different colours.

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Published on 9th June, 2023

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