05 March 2023

Atwood Reception – Firefighters To The Rescue!!!

This term our topic in Reception is ‘To The Rescue!’.  We are looking at all of the ways people help us when we are in emergency situations.  We started the topic by thinking about what an actual emergency is, and created a definition which was ‘when there is risk that needs immediate attention’.  We decided that kicking our ball over the fence wasn’t an emergency, but falling over and breaking our arm was.

This week we have focussed on firefighters and the vital role they play in keeping us safe.  We were very lucky to have visits from two family members of the children who talked to us all about their job as fire fighters.  They taught us all about what firefighters actually do, as well as how their uniform is specially designed to keep them safe in a fire. They even let us have a go at wearing the uniform ourselves, what a treat!  The children learned so much, we thank them for taking the time to come in.

We also had a visit from the Purley Fire Brigade, who came to school in their fire engine. The children loved learning all about the different parts of the truck, seeing where the water comes out of to put out the fires, as well as the front cabin where all of the firefighters sit. The firefighters were very generous with their time and it was such a thrill seeing all of the children enjoy their time in the engine.

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Published on 5th March, 2023

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