Directors of the Trust and Academy Councils

An Academy Trust is a particular type of company, officially called a 'charitable company limited by guarantee'.

It's company number is 7542114.  Unlike other companies an Academy Trust has no share capital and is required to direct all funds received to achieving the objectives of the Trust.

In the case of the Pegasus Academy Trust, the primary objective - as stated in its articles of association - is 'to advance for the public benefit education in the United Kingdom'.

Directors of the Trust, like Directors of other companies, are registered at Companies House.  Their main duties are: 

  • The daily running of the Academy Trust and the management of the Trust’s business affairs;
  • Ensuring the standard of education at schools within the Trust:
  • Entering into contracts on the Trust’s behalf;
  • Ensuring that relevant statutory documents are delivered to Companies House;
  • Managing the Academy Trust’s finances and property;
  • Taking part in board meetings of the Directors.

Company information

We are legally required to file certain documents, including full annual accounts, at Companies House and members of the public may check the information held there by going to their search page and entering our company number - 07542114.

The Directors of the Trust are listed below:

  • Richard Hill Richard Hill
    Chair, Academy Director
    Contact me
  • Kevin Smith Kevin Smith
    Academy Director
    Contact me
  • Umar Quraishi Umar Quraishi
    Academy Director
  • Lynne Sampson Lynne Sampson
    Co-Executive Headteacher, PAT
  • Jolyon Roberts Jolyon Roberts
    Co-Executive Headteacher, PAT
  • Geraldine Vassell Geraldine Vassell
    Co-opted Director. Vice Chair.
  • Jo Ridge Jo Ridge
    Strategic Business Leader & company secretary PAT (Ex Officio, non-voting)
    Contact me
  • Ciara Carroll Ciara Carroll
    Clerk to the Board of Directors
    Contact me
  • Gary Griffin Gary Griffin
    Co-opted Director
  • Shelley Davies Shelley Davies
    LA nominated Director
    Contact me

Directors & Academy Council Downloads

Academy Council downloads

BINF MACs Attendance at meetings
BINF MACs Minutes
BINF MACs pecuniary interests
EPS MACs Attendance at meetings
EPS MACs Minutes
EPS MACs pecuniary interests
WHINF MACs Attendance at meetings
WHINF MACs Minutes
WHINF MACs pecuniary interests
WHJUN MACs Attendance at meetings
WHJUN MACs Minutes
WHJUN MACs pecuniary interests

Academy Downloads

Annual accounts
Articles of association and funding agreements
  • pdf Ar Articles of Association of The...
Board of Directors' Agendas
Register of attendance at meetings
Register of pecuniary interests