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The Pegasus Academy Trust

The Pegasus Academy Trust was the first Primary Multi Academy Trust (MAT) in Croydon, formed in April 2010 to run three schools - Ecclesbourne Primary School, Whitehorse Manor Infants and Whitehorse Manor Juniors - which are located within a ten minute walk of one another on two sites in Thornton Heath in the London Borough of Croydon.  Beulah Infants, joined the Trust September 2014 and Cypress Primary will join in July 2017.

The Academy Trust's primary objective, as stated in its articles of association, is 'to advance for the public benefit education in the United Kingdom'.  Schools within the Trust do not select by ability or faith criteria and the Trust has no business affiliation.  The Pegasus Academy Trust is listed as a charitable company limited by guarantee at Companies House.

It is the wish of the Directors of the Academy Trust that the educational experience of children attending any of the schools within the Trust be broadly similar.  To this end teachers in each year group plan together each week and staff may transfer between sites in order to ensure the best possible teaching.  The Executive Headteachers work from different sites during the week and ensure equality of provision.  Resources are identical, regardless of site, for children in each year group and when an off site activity is planned all children in a year group participate.  Sporting teams are organised under the umbrella of The Trust and extended schools provision is organised by a single co-ordinator.

Major capital works programmes have been undertaken at Ecclesbourne, Whitehorse Manor and Beulah Infants since 2010 meaning that schools within the Trust now offer some of the best educational facilities in this part of London.  We remind our children and staff that we are all 'Pegasus people' and use five simple statements to remind ourselves of what this means:

Pegasus People

  1. Care
  2. Are proud of themselves and proud of each other
  3. Are safe, healthy and happy
  4. Have good manners
  5. Strive to be independent learners
Last updated: 06th February, 2017