14 December 2023

Year 6 Egyptian Projects- Shadufs


As part of their design and technology learning, the children in Year 6 have been making shadufs.  A shaduf is a tool for moving water from the River Nile. They were used by the Ancient Egyptians to irrigate their crops and to survive times of drought. To find out more about life in Ancient Egypt, follow the link.




The children have been learning all about the process of mummification. They mixed bicarbonate of soda with salt to make natron- the mixture used by Ancient Egyptians in mummification. Strips of paper were coated in the mixture and carefully wrapped around the tomato. A few weeks later the children cut open the bandages to reveal a dried and mummified tomato! To find out more about mummification, follow the link.


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Published on 14th December, 2023

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