01 April 2022

WHJUN Year 3 Caveman reports

Recently, Year 3 children created their own reports about their visit to see ‘real-life’ cavemen and women Cave People at Ecclesbourne Primary School.  We have recently started a topic all about the Stone Age in thematic lessons and used a cross curricular approach to support our writing, in English, with our Cave People experience.  The children discussed report features and created our own versions ready for the website! Hope you enjoy!

A Day in the Life of Cave People

Written by Olivia Uba (Shetland class)

On Wednesday 23rd February 2022, Shetland class went to Ecclesbourne Primary school to experience how life was for Stone Age people and to mark the start of their upcoming topic ‘Like a Rolling Stone’.

Once the children were all sitting down sensibly, Twig told the children that the Stone Age was divided into three sections. The Paleolithic, the Mesolithic and the Neolithic. Then twig told the children that Stone Age people used flint to make fire. After, Ocra took some dry grass and she blew on it while the children chanted ‘fire brother cumma.”

Finally, the children were asked to do some Stone Age jobs for example polishing stones and scraping bone marrow out of bones.

Jayqwarne from 3B commented, “I loved stroking the dead bird’s feathers and doing all the Stone Age jobs.”

Year 3 Cave Day!

Written by Kellys Mafo (New Forest class)

On Wednesday 23th February 2022, Year 3 New Forest went to Ecclesbourne Primary School and travelled back in time to arrive in a tent. We did fun caveman activities.Once we went into the yurt (that did not smell very good) we realised that this experience was going to be like no other trip we have ever been to. We saw two interesting people called Twig and Ochre. Twig explained that the three eras are called Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic. The tent was decorated in cave art that looked like it was telling a story. Twig explained the story’s. It was like stepping back in time.

The children really enjoyed holding the hand axe and holding the dead pheasant although some children found it a little bit scary. The children really liked sleeping inside of the sleeping bag made out of deer skin.

” I liked it when we saw the furry pheasant!” laughed Courtasia.

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Published on 1st April, 2022

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