28 November 2022

WHINF – A fantastic Reading Morning in Year 1

This morning, we successfully held our first Reading Café workshop for our Year 1 parents and carers.  It was great to see so many of you taking the time to come and learn more about how you can support your child’s reading journey at home.  We discussed the importance of reading to and with your child, how listening to stories prepares children’s minds for reading.  When children listen to stories they are able to focus their attention on soaking up the words, making sense of the narrative and turning the whole experience into ‘pictures’ in their minds.  We spoke about how we can make these stories come to life and the huge impact reading everyday to our children will have in helping them develop to be fluent readers.  Parents asked lots of questions and spoke about the challenges they face when reading at home.  It was great to come together and help to support each other.

After our discussion, we invited the children to come into the hall to share a story with their parents or carers.  Everyone got comfortable on our beanbags and mats, children selected their favourite stories and before we knew it the children’s minds travelled to a new world for them to explore.  Walking around, it was heart-warming to see the utter joy on the children’s faces as their grown ups used different voices and actions to help bring the story to life.

We thank everyone who turned up today and hope to be running more fantastic sessions like this in the new year!

Don’t forget to enter our ‘Reading in Unusual Places’ competition.  Photos can be sent to readingpics@pegagsusacademytrust.org.

Have fun reading!


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Published on 28th November, 2022

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