20 June 2022

WHINF A commotion in Gold Class!

Last week in Nursery, we continued our water theme by reading the book ‘Commotion in the Ocean.’  We had great fun identifying lots of different animals that live in and near the ocean and used the internet to research any interesting facts we could find out about them.  We got messy making a paper mache head for the class octopus then used our fine motor skills to make all 8 of his legs out of paper chains.  We also made jelly fish by cutting out the body and using pipe cleaners for legs.  We rescued the ocean animals from the frozen balls by using pipettes and water, we also discovered our hands were great for making the ice melt too, good job we had lovely weather last week!  Our maths focus was capacity, we made lots of silly recipes using 1/2 and full cups of ingredients and had fun exploring independently with the coloured rice and pasta.

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Published on 20th June, 2022

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