23 January 2024

ATW Year 6 Trip to the O2

Year 6 Join the Young Voices Choir at the O2

The children in Year 6 have been working hard over the last few months to be ready to take part in Young Voices, the largest children’s choir concert in the world! This exciting opportunity is an annual event and this year was made possible by Mr Beaumont, Atwood’s resident music teacher. The children arrived at the O2 and began the rehearsal at 2pm, by 7pm they were ready to perform. The show began in a dramatic style with a performance from Urban Strides. During the evening, Mc Grammar rapped and Natalie Williams dazzled with her soul performance. When asked about is day, Daniel said, “I thought it was a great experience because it was one in a life time chance to sing in front a big audience including my parents. I really enjoyed everything and being at the 02.”

To find out more about Young Voices and the performers who took part, follow the links below.

Natalie Williams

MC Grammar | Home | Music & Lessons | England (mrmcgrammar.com)

Authentic Street Dance Classes & Camps | Urban Strides

Young Voices – The largest School Choir in the World


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Published on 23rd January, 2024

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