21 March 2022

EPS Nursery – promoting health, happiness and hairdressing.

Last week, we explored different ways we can maintain a healthy body and mind. We talked about the importance of having a healthy diet;  sorting different foods into healthy and unhealthy groups.  We also discussed how we need to brush our teeth twice a day.  We already know the importance of washing our hands properly to keep ourselves safe. To help remind us about this, we conducted a science experiment using pepper in water as the ‘germs’.  We used two of our fingers; one with soap and one without.  Can you guess what happened? We explored how without soap on our fingers, the ‘germs’ would stick to us and with soap they wouldn’t!

We were very busy, as in the same week we opened Sun Class Hair Salon and had lots of happy customers. In Maths we also had lots of fun counting from 1 to 5 and outside we discovered lots of new textures.  To finish off we did some mindful yoga and exercise.  After all those activities we knew we need lots of sleep to keep healthy!

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Published on 21st March, 2022

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