01 April 2022

EPS netball squad getting stronger!

EPS Year 6 netball squad vs. EPS Teachers

On Friday 18th March, the Year 6 Netball Squad played a netball match against the teachers in a Red Nose Day charity match.  We started off the game really well and scored in the first minute. We carried on playing well and scored 2 more times.  Throughout the first half the teachers made some good passes and kept the ball up their end. Our defence was good and we managed to stop them from scoring most of the time but the teachers were tall and scored 4 times making the half time score 4-3 to the teachers. In the second half, the teachers started to ‘change the rules’ a bit and had some fun – they scored a lot and only we only scored once, Mr. Winborn was a very tall Goal Keeper! The final score was 6-3 to the teachers.

The game was really good, the cheering and support from the classes, who came out to the playground to watch, made it a brilliant experience – the whole team loved the day and felt proud to be in the squad. We are going to continue to practice our shooting and passes.  Well done to our team and well done to our teachers.  The school raised £300 for Comic Relief.  It was a really good afternoon.

Jupiter class

EPS vs Elmwood away match

On Wednesday 23rd March, EPS Netball squad played Elmwood away. It was a a good game but we showed our lack of experience, Elmwood had some great shooters who never missed! They scored 6 times in the first half, we tried hard and never gave up but did not score .  Elmwood continued to attack the goal and EPS defended well and got 1 goal back. The final whistle blew and Elmwood won 13:1. Well done to all the EPS team for great team work and playing with resilience to the end.  Mrs Roberts was very proud of us.

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Published on 1st April, 2022

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