27 April 2022

EPS Allotment Action

EPS pupils continue to work each week in the local allotments with volunteers from the Pamper, Indulge and Give charity.  The children have tried their hands at carpentry and were super proud to build wooden, flower bed frames. They worked hard to dig over the plot in preparation for planting and planted some hardier bulbs.  They learned how to re use old kitchen roll holders to make recycled plant pots, using them to plant the more delicate seeds.  The sun flower seeds and peas are well on their way, so let’s hope for a bumper crop.  Recently, Year 5 pupils had a particularly adventurous afternoon when they experienced thunder, lightning and torrential rain.  With the volunteers help they made a make shift shelter.  An impressive rainbow was quickly followed by the sunshine and they took advantage of the huge puddles.

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Published on 27th April, 2022

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