11 February 2022

Escape to Ancient Egypt EPS Year 6

Escape to Ancient Egypt was the theme in year 6’s Museum day at EPS. The day involved the children dressing up as Egyptians and taking part in fun themed activities such as: making death masks; creating an Egyptian banquet; creating a life-sized mummy; writing in hieroglyphics; decorating an Egyptian neck collar and presenting their learning to all the classes that visited the year 6 classrooms.

We have been learning about mummification and were able to show the visitors our mummified tomatoes.  Earlier this week practiced the mummification process on tomatoes.  Each step was carefully executed! We removed the innards, then placed them in mini Canopic jars; stuffed the insides with cloth and then filled it with natron (a salty mixture).  Finally, we wrapped the tomatoes in bandages.  The children thoroughly enjoyed this learning experience and we’re sure they won’t forget the steps to mummification any time soon!

In the afternoon the children had the opportunity to try some of the foods that would have been eaten regularly in Ancient Egypt. All the children tried ‘Kushari’ which is a carb overload – one hearty portion of this favourite Egyptian street food includes: rice, macaroni and lentils, topped with tomato sauce, garlic vinegar and garnished with chickpeas and fried onions. It’s a perfect meal that is substantial, nutrient-packed and filling! Exactly what the Egyptians were after! The children very quickly demolished the Kushari and the delicious flat breads and dips.

All involved had a great day and we would like to thank the children for such fantastic enthusiasm. We would also like to thank all the visitors we had throughout the day.  The children commented on how much they enjoyed all the teachers and classes visiting the classrooms and showing such an interest and asking excellent questions.

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Published on 11th February, 2022

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