10 March 2022

BRIG/WHJUN: Air Quality workshops

As a partner borough of the Mayor of London’s Pan-London Anti-Idling programme ‘Idling Action London’, Croydon Council invited Whitehorse Manor Junior School and the Brigstock Annex site to host Air Quality workshops.  These workshops taught pupils about the importance of air quality and what they can do to minimise their own exposure to air pollution, as well as engage the school community to take action and persuade drivers to switch off their engines when parked outside schools.

It was interesting and concerning to learn that a car idling for 1 minutes produces the equivalent of 150 fully inflated balloons worth of nitrogen dioxide-a toxic gas harmful to humans and the environment.

Please help us reduce local air pollution by not idling cars around our school grounds.  Please respect double yellow lines and the Zig Zag road markings when dropping off and collecting children.  Please park in a safe and legal parking space and turn off your car engine to keep our community safe and healthy.

Many thanks from the school staff and the children.


Published on 10th March, 2022

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