Music is important for all children and plays a big part in the life of our schools.

It helps to develop the child’s short and long term memory, the ability to perform from visual signs and symbols, and the ability to listen with concentration. Playing an instrument extends these skills and develops co-ordination and control.

Children are given opportunities to perform, giving them greater confidence to express themselves and have opportunities to sing, play instruments, compose and listen to music. There are regular weekly music lessons given by specialist music teachers and many informal opportunities for music making.

Music is used in assembly and in other lessons including Art, Drama, English, History, P.E., R.E. and Science.

Children sing and listen to music in assembly. The School has a good range of percussion instruments which the pupils learn to play in composition and performance. They are encouraged to listen attentively and use appropriate language to talk about music.

Music making is an important part of the social and community life of the School. Pupils may be considered for learning one of the instruments taught at the school. Full details are available separately.

The school has a choir, open to any pupil at the school. Pupils who sing in the choir or play an instrument are often given opportunities to perform at venues such as the Fairfield Halls.

First published on 31st May, 2017 and modified 13th September, 2017

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