About Us

Beulah Infant school joined the Trust in September 2014 and is the Trust’s fourth school.

Although we enjoy a good relationship with the Junior school that shares the site, Beulah Infants is a school offering education exclusively to younger learners – from aged three to aged seven.

As we provide for the youngest children the sole focus of the whole team at Beulah is how to provide the very best education for children at the start of their journey in education. As a result they are expert in teaching children the key skills that they need to be successful learners – reading and phonics, mathematics and science and independent enquiry through our thematic curriculum.

Beulah children are motivated to be independent learners.  They are real ‘Pegasus People’.  For a full overview of our curriculum please vist our curriculum and assessment page and click on the plans for your child’s year group.

First published on 13th July, 2017 and modified 15th September, 2021

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