In 1864 there was a Surrey Congregational Union Chapel on the site now occupied by Beulah Infant School which was in use as a school room.  On 1st August 1871 the Croydon School Board took over the building (School Board Minutes, 12 Sept 1871) and used it for Girls and Infants until 1873 when the Infants moved to a separate room.  The first Log Book (now held in Croydon’s Local Studies Library) commences on 7th March 1873 by which time the Infant School had been a separate entity since 20 January.

On 11th June 1940 the School was closed by order of the Government.  Only children for evacuation were to attend the next day.  On 14th June 1940 the Headmistress and one assistant took a party to Barnstaple. On 24th June 1940, the Department opened under a Teacher-in-Charge and remained thus until 4th Feb 1944. On 8th Feb 1944 the Head Teacher returned from Barnstaple having been there from 14th June 1940 – 31st Jan 1944.

If any former pupils of Beulah Infant School would like to contact us with any pictures or information we would be pleased to have them and may publish them on this website.  If you have items like this to share please get in touch.

First published on 13th July, 2017 and modified 6th November, 2023

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