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Inspection of 12th & 13th October 2021

Ofsted returned to inspecting schools in September 2021 following two years of disrupted education for children in English schools.  Within five weeks of the return to school, in the brief window between the Delta and the Omicron variants, Ofsted inspected Whitehorse Manor Infants, paying no heed to the effects of the pandemic, and you can read their report here.  The leadership of the Trust profoundly disagree with many of the conclusions reached in the report by the lead inspector and raised a comprehensive complaint listing areas of disagreement. This complaint was not investigated independently but by Ofsted themselves and it was no suprise when the complaint was not upheld.

In other countries like Ireland schools have the right to reply to their inspection results and their response is published alongside the report.  Sadly this is not the case in the UK and therefore the only place we can record our misgivings is here on our website.

The education writer Chris Bryne points out that: ‘Somebody decides what should go into the inspection schedule and what shouldn’t. These decisions are the product of some people’s views of what is important. If you asked parents or children to devise a framework of what is important to them in a school, it is highly likely to be different from the contents of the Ofsted framework’

We believe that Whitehorse Infants remains an excellent place to educate your child and know that there is great learning and progress at our school.  If you would like us to show you around so that you can make your own mind up we would welcome your visit.  Please telephone if you would like to arrange to do so.



First published on 10th July, 2017 and modified 4th January, 2022

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