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Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once they grow up.’

Pablo Picasso


At Atwood, we value art and design as an important area of our curriculum, particularly in developing a child’s aesthetic awareness and their development as a ‘whole child’.

We want the children to develop a love of art and have a self-confidence in their own abilities. We want them to know that art is a form of expression and therefore personal to each, however, there are techniques which are essential to create art and it is these which we want the children to learn and explore to understand how to better express themselves artistically.


We follow the National Curriculum for Art. We believe that children need to over-learn art skills in order to develop a level of competence and confidence, so as part of our progression in learning there is repetition of skills built in. We have used Focus Education resources as a basis for developing the progression of knowledge and skills in art. We try, where possible, to adapt our curriculum to respond to local and national exhibitions and staff and children’s interests. We also encourage families to visit different exhibitions.

Children are introduced to a wide variety of skills within the structured artistic disciplines of drawing, painting, printing, textiles, 3D and sculpture, collage, use of computing and digital art, we aim to fulfil their creative potential whilst broadening their artistic knowledge.

Our children also take their lead from world famous artists, architects and designers who have had a significant impact on the world around them.

The use of sketchbooks: In Key Stage 2, we believe in teaching the children to develop their use of sketch books as a tool for experimentation of art techniques and knowledge. Children in Key Stage 2 take their sketchbooks up with them so they are building up a portfolio. We aim for each learning objective to have evidence of experimentation and top tips or evaluation of the technique used. There would also be evidence of artists’ implementation.


Children will be supported to develop their ability to self-evaluate their art and design skills through the use of “I can statements”. This self-evaluation will enable the children to be aware of their next steps in art.

When they leave Atwood, the children will have developed a broad knowledge of a range of artists and techniques which they will be able to apply and build on in their next stage of learning.

First published on 21st September, 2022 and modified 6th March, 2023

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