What do people say about us?

Atwood Primary School aims to be the first choice of school in the area for local parents.  The school has served this community since 1960 and generations of children have known and loved the school.  Here’s what some of our local visitors say about the school:


‘It was good to meet you again and to be present at your harvest assembly. You have a lovely school with well behaved children. It was interesting to see how engaged the children were with the harvest theme and the good causes that you have chosen to donate to.

On behalf of the Croydon Refugee Day Centre, I wanted to say thank you for the food products that the school collected. They will be put to good use in supporting people in need.

Nicky from Night Watch and I divided the produce between us and both had full car loads. Would it be possible to forward the photograph taken at the end for our records?

We would be very happy to work with Atwood once again next year should you chose to favour us with your harvest offering.’

Rory McLeod- Chair of Trustees- Croydon Refugee Centre Day Centre

‘I attended your tour this morning with a view to apply for a place for my son at the nursery.  Having lived on Tandridge Gardens for many years (and in Sanderstead my whole life) today was an ‘eye opener’.  I have always heard such wonderful things about Atwood but I was truly amazed at how lovely the school was.  The facilities, the grounds, the staff, the children’s manners and behaviour – outstanding.  I now feel very blessed to have such a wonderful school on our doorstep.’
Prospective Nursery Parent

‘I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to accompany Violet class on their trip to British Wildlife Centre today. They represented Atwood so well with their excellent behaviour and they knew so much – couldn’t believe how much they have been taught!  So thank you for the opportunity and the hard work everyone put in.’
Year 1 Parent

‘I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s music concert. I thought all the children were exceptional.  I was particularly impressed with the recorder group at the beginning and it was great to hear them play different styles of music; it was a real pleasure to hear such a variety.  Thank you again for the hard work you had clearly put into organising this event.’
Year 2 & 5 Parent

‘I’d like to say a huge thank you to yourself and the staff Atwood Primary Academy.  In my role as a play therapist I go to many different schools and I’d like to say that everyone at Atwood are extremely friendly, helpful and accommodating.  Atwood staff enabled me to do my job with ease and made working at your school a very enjoyable experience. Thank you!’
Sarah Oates – Certified Play Therapist

‘Please pass on a massive thank you to all the staff and children for making the Early Years Fun Day on Wednesday and Sports Day and Picnic today really enjoyable. They were both very well organised and everyone I spoke to agreed that they were fantastic days.’
Reception & Year 5 Parent

‘Atwood School is a great school, with good academic education and pastoral care. The staff nurture the students, who enjoy school.  As a parent, it is wonderful to see them developing to their full potential.’
Year 6 Parent

‘What an absolute pleasure it was to work with your very efficient staff team yesterday during the inset training.  As anticipated it reinforced my previous observation of your very robust and effective monitoring of attendance and safeguarding.’
Sheena Horner Knight,  Education Welfare Officer – Octavo

‘I just wanted to say a very big thank you to all of the children and staff at Atwood. You made us feel very welcome today and we have taken away some lovely memories. We made lots of new friends, too, and hope to see them again soon.

I would say that the highlight of our visit today was meeting some incredibly interested, interesting children! To name a very few, Emilio, Harrison and Evan completely charmed us by holding onto each other during the show and singing and dancing along and beaming at us! Malik was wide-eyed throughout and asked some great questions. Sumeyya rushed off after the Q&A to draw us on a card and came dashing back to give it to us, saying she wanted to be just like us and work for Little Blue Monster! We had an absolutely lovely day, thank you so much for your warm hospitality and for making our visit a perfect example of why we do what we do.’
Hazel and the Little Blue Monster Team

“This is my 4th time attending the event [Dads’ Breakfast] and each time it gets better.  Attendance has increased each time and the topics covered in the opening 15 mins have been varied and useful.  It’s great how the school opens up to all male carers – my own Dad and children’s Grandad has joined me before and it is something the children look forward to, especially in those cases where Dads aren’t able to visit the school on a regular basis because of work commitments.  Seems Atwood are ahead of many other local schools as colleagues and friends envy the event when I tell them about it”.​

“Despite my reservations,  I just met a neighbour from a few doors down for the first time having lived in this street for 5 years.  Clearly he is mad as he offered to have my kids over for play-dates and help with school drop-offs on a reciprocal basis. On this basis alone, Atwood Dads’ Breakfast is worth its weight in gold.  Now if I can only find 6 more dads I won’t actually have to see my little angels!”

‘I have nothing but praise for the SEND support in school my son receives. His teacher and the SEND lead really seem to understand my son, and they are continually reevaluating what does and doesn’t work for him in the classroom in order to get the best out of him.

The communication between parents and the SEND lead is second to none. Prompt and positive every time. We feel supported as a parent too going through this journey.
I am very confident that as long as it continues as it has been my son will always be supported and he will be the best he can be.’
Year 1 Parent

‘The one person without question we have been able to rely on this year to be supportive and non judgemental has been Mrs Townsend. She has been the rock for not just our child but the whole family. We always know she is there by email, call or in person if we need her. From reassuring pep talks, planning changes in routine to EHCP applications and mediation. We always feel included in decisions  about our child and our opinions are always taken into consideration.  Thank you to Mrs Townsend and the SEN team for everything you have done this year.’
Year 4 & Year 1 Parent

Dear Atwood Primary School,

I would like to say how grateful we are for welcoming our Brazilian guests to your wonderful school yesterday morning.

We had turned up at Atwood Primary by accident, but thanks to your kindness and willingness to show off your school, which you are all so rightly proud of, it was truly a stroke of good fortune.

We were all extremely impressed by everything we saw, from your school facilities and your ethos through to the vibrant and engaging lessons with students clearly both enjoying themselves and learning.

Everybody from your reception team, teachers, teaching assistants and, of course, students, were so polite and enthusiastic, it was a wonderful school for us to see.  I would personally like to thank Mr. Veale for allowing us to have a tour (and saving my bacon) and your School Business Manager, Mrs. Groves, who was amazing in answering all of our questions.

This Brazilian delegation was probably one of the highest level education delegations from Brazil we have ever welcomed to the UK and they were inspired by what they saw with ideas to help improve the quality of primary education in their home country.

Thank you again for your time and support.

Yours sincerely,
M H, Sector Specialist – English Language Training, Education, Department for International Trade

‘Your Atwood students were great to work with – engaged, polite, and really receptive to advice.  I’m sure your production will be brilliant.’
Director of Music and Drama, Riddlesdown Collegiate

‘I have long been impressed with [the school] leadership and the energy and commitment of your staff team….Atwood stands out in the way it prioritises compassion and wellbeing alongside academic achievement. Every member of your staff have impressed me, from my son’s excellent Reception teachers and TAs, to your efficient and warm office team. The way you have handled the coronavirus crisis has been exemplary…you have never failed to provide a reassuring and upbeat voice to us as families. [The School’s] use of video messaging and Tapestry feedback has been of great support and comfort during these strange times. …a massive thank you to you all for everything you have done and continue to do.’
Reception Parent

First published on 10th April, 2018 and modified 20th October, 2022

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