Year 6

Week Starting 27 April 2020

Welcome to week 2 of Year 6 learning!

Competition Time

Next week, there will be a Times Tables Rock Stars Battle of the Bands!  The battle, ‘Locked Down Rocked Out!’,  will commence on Monday 4th May at 9am and end on Sunday 10th May at 8pm. Go onto Times Table Rockstars – every point you earn will count towards the whole school total. The school with the most points at the end of the competition will be the winner.  Why not get involved and help your school to victory?  Good luck!!!

We hope that you enjoyed the tasks that we set for you last week.  Don’t forget to share your work on your class blog – we would love to see what you have produced!  Each week, we will be posting examples of your work here, celebrating the best of the work that you have been producing at home.  Why not have a look to see if your work made it and to celebrate the work of other children?  You can also use the class blogs to contact your teacher with any questions you may have about the work.  We sent you all a letter in the post on Friday about how you can access your blogs and we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Here are some wonderful examples of home learning from last week:

Scarlet from Shire class designed her own Egyptian Goddess, Chrysalis.


This thought-provoking poem on the theme of Earth Day was written by Jay from Jupiter class.



Emily, from Clydesdale class, has made herself a timetable to ensure that she keeps busy and healthy (both mentally and physically) during this strange time.

As part of our Earth Day celebration, Una from Jupiter class emailed 25 of her friends and family to take a survey of what they thought was most important to do to save our environment.  As you can see, protecting plants and animals was considered to be of the highest priority.

Emma from Shire class write this inspiring Earth Day acrostic poem.

This 8-page booklet full of facts about the Ancient Egyptians was made by Alivia from Clydesdale class.

The Year 6 teachers have been working hard this week to create another week of fun and challenging tasks for you to get your teeth into!  As with last week, each day you will find 3 tasks which should take 45 minutes – simply click on the relevant day below.  Under the tab for each day you will find: a mathematics task; a literacy, reading or grammar task; and a task relating to thematic, science or RE and PSHE.  Don’t forget to look in the ‘Extra Activities’ tab where you will find links to fun Music, P.E. and other activities.

This week, in addition to the mathematics tasks and English tasks, we will be continuing our work on the mysterious world of the Ancient Egyptians, and having fun with stop-frame animation!

Here is an overview of this week’s learning:

Session 1  Session 2 Session 3
MONDAY Arithmetic – Ms Naughton’s Marvellous Maths Reading text and questions – Identifying the features of non-chronological reports. Geography – Understanding and using the lines of longitude and latitude.
TUESDAY Mathletics – complete 3 activities set by your teacher. Reading – Wolf Brother video and questions. Geography – Learning about the physical geography of Egypt
WEDNESDAY TT Rockstars and times tables tasks Research task – Research your chosen clan animal from the book ‘Wolf Brother’. Science – Evolution: understanding how and why animals adapt over time.
THURSDAY Reasoning – Calculating the area of parallelograms. Writing task – Plan your clan animal fact file using the features of a non-chronological report. RE – The journey of life: strategies for transitioning to secondary school.
FRIDAY Fun maths investigation – Inside Seven Squares: investigating the area of triangles. Grammar tasks and questions – Using the active and the passive voice. Computing – Using stop-frame animation to make an advert.

Why not have a go at the Trust-wide task for this week?

Go on a virtual expedition to the Egyptian burial tomb of Queen Meresankh or the Ancient Pyramids.  Using the  ‘Postcard Template’ (which you can find under the Extra Activities tab below), write a postcard to a friend telling them about what you have discovered on your expedition.  Make sure that you include at least 3 fascinating facts to grab your friend’s interest!  Why not upload your postcards onto your class blog?

Perhaps, if you’re feeling brave with a computer, you could even dress up and superimpose a picture of yourself exploring the tomb and then send it to  Click here to link to a video that tells you how to add a virtual background in ‘Zoom’ so that you can appear to be wherever you like for your virtual visit.



We hope that you have all been enjoying Ms Naughton’s Marvellous maths videos.  During today’s video, she will be looking at some more arithmetic.

Don’t forget that you can find videos on how to complete all the calculations here.


This week, we are going to be writing animal fact files.  We would like you to read the ‘Grey Seal Fact File’ below.  Then complete the ‘Grey Seal Reading Comprehension’ also below, which will get you thinking about the features of a non-chronological report and why they are important.


In order to help us pinpoint locations across the globe, we use imaginary lines such as the Equator.  The powerpoint below named ‘Latitude and Longitude’ will introduce you to these lines and how to use them.  There is a fun challenge for you to find countries based on their lines of latitude and longitude – can you find them all?  Use the sheets attached below to help you in your tasks.



Today, we would like you to log onto your Mathletics account and complete at least 3 activities that have been set by your teacher.


We hope that you have been enjoying our teachers readings of ‘Wolf Brother’ and have been having a go at the questions he has been posing.  If you have not had a chance to see them yet then you can catch up on them all the news page of the website here.

Please enjoy Mr Francis reading the next installment then complete the questions below.


Having pinpointed Egypt’s location using lines of latitude and longitude in yesterday’s geography lesson, we are now going to take a look at the unique physical geography of Egypt and why that helped make it one of the greatest civilisations of the ancient world.

The ‘Powerpoint’ below entitled ‘The Geography of Egypt’ will introduce you to the physical features of Egypt and the importance of the Nile River.  You will then use this information to complete ‘The Geography of Egypt Map Task’ and ‘The Geography of Egypt Quiz’ both attached below.




Please complete at least 15 minutes on TTRockstars.  You can then find some fun 3 and 4 tables table activities below.  How well do you know your 3 and 4 times tables – you should be 100% on these by now?

Clan Animal Research Task

Over the next 2 weeks we are going to be researching, planning, writing and editing animal fact files using a chosen clan animal of your chose.  Which clan animal are you going to choose to be – Wolf, Red deer, Grey Seal?  What other clan animals can you remember?

Using your research skills, you are now on a fact-finding mission to discover as many interesting facts about your chosen animal as you can. This will help you later on in the week, when you create your ‘clan animal’ fact files.  Use the document below named ‘Animal Fact File Research’ to help organise your ideas.


In this fun lesson, you will be learning all about how plants and animals adapt to survive in the wild and use this knowledge to create some of your own creatures, specially adapted to suit their environment! Click on the powerpoint below to begin.




This video will give you the answers to last weeks tasks on calculating the area of triangles.

Today’s new learning is about how to calculate the area of a parallelogram.  Learn along with Miss Naughton here:

Writing Task

Using the skills and information you have gained from the previous lessons this week on non-chronological reports and your knowledge of this term’s book – ‘Wolf Brother’, you will be planning your own clan animal fact file.  Use the template ‘Animal fact File Plan’ below to help you.


In this session, you will be thinking about common worries you may have about leaving primary school and starting a new secondary school. This activity will give you some great strategies to use should you need them. Open the powerpoint and read through the slides, then complete the activity by downloading the ‘scenario cards’ file below.

Downloads for Thursday



Today’s fun maths investigation challenges you to find the area of triangles ‘Inside Seven Squares’ (see below).  Can you find the total area of the triangles outlined in red?


Watch the ‘PowerPoint’ below named ‘Grammar Active and Passive’ to learn how to use active and passive verbs.  You can then complete the ‘Active and Passive Activity’ sheet.


Before the schools closed, we were all working on planning and filming our own adverts.  This week, we would like you to use the resources you have at home to complete this project.  Please see the document below named ‘Making an Advert’ for some ideas of how you complete this project using your own resources.  please share your completed adverts on your class blog – we can’t wait to see what you can do when you think outside of the box!

Extra Activities

Trust-wide Activity

As outlined in the blurb above, we would like you to visit either the tomb of Queen Merensankh or the ancient pyramids, then write a postcard home (template below) including 3 facts to interest your reader.


Why not get yourself and your family fit by playing a game of Fitness Monopoly?(attached below)


If you’re feeling musical, why not visit here where you can learn beginner Notation, Ukulele, Keyboard, Recorder, make a homemade orchestra or find a song to sing.

Also, the music teachers have all been really busy adding things to the Jam Bus channel.

Why not have a look?


If you enjoyed learning about adaptation, below is a fun activity pack  based on the first ever picture book retelling of ‘On The Origin of Species’, written and illustrated by Sabina Radeva, perfect for those wanting to know more about Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution!

Published on 27th April, 2020

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