Year 6

Week Starting 17 May 2020

Welcome to week 4 of Year 6 learning!

Thank you so much for all the pictures of your wonderful work that you have sent in.  We’ve received so many this week that we’ve had to make a photo montage to share them!  The Year 6 team are absolutely thrilled that you are enjoying the work and that you are sharing your successes with us.

Please keep sharing your work on your class blog or emailing us at yr6​  You can also use the class blogs to contact your teacher with any questions you may have about the work.

We are also pleased that we have continued to speak to so many of you on the telephone – we have been greatly enjoying the tales of all the things you have been doing to keep yourselves busy during lockdown.

The Year 6 teachers have been working hard this week to create another week of fun and challenging tasks for you to get your teeth into!  As with last week, each day you will find 3 tasks which should take 45 minutes – simply click on the relevant day below.  Under the tab for each day you will find: a mathematics task; a literacy, reading or grammar task; and a task relating to thematic, science or RE and PSHE.  Don’t forget to look in the ‘Extra Activities’ tab where you will find links to fun Music, P.E. and other activities.

This week, in addition to the mathematics tasks and English tasks, we will be looking at the Rosetta Stone and hieroglyphs as well as investigating fossils.

Here is an overview of this week’s learning:

Session 1  Session 2 Session 3
MONDAY Arithmetic – Mrs OConnor’s Marvellous Maths Reading text and questions – Persuasive Writing comprehension. History – Understanding the Rosetta Stone!
TUESDAY Mathletics – complete 3 activities set by your teacher. Grammar – Using modal verbs in persuasive writing. History – Ancient Egypt: exploring hieroglyphs.
WEDNESDAY TT Rockstars and times tables tasks Writing task – Understanding the features of a persuasive letter. Science – Evolution: investigating fossils.
THURSDAY Reasoning – Converting between fractions and percentages. Publishing task – Writing a persuasive letter about the future of the Rosetta Stone. PSHE – Creating positive relationships.
FRIDAY Maths investigation – Andy’s Lost Marbles! Reading – Wolf Brother video and questions. Computing – We are Network technicians! Looking at how information is sent and received between computers.

Why not have a go at the Trust-wide task for this week?

This week, we are challenging you to get your camera out and have some ‘Adventures in Perspective!’.  Ms Byrne has all the details here:

There will be a prize awarded to the best photo from Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 – the winning 2 photos will be made into a canvas and sent to the winners to enjoy with their family. What a wonderful momento!! So get involved and send your photo to –  we can’t wait to see your pictures.



Mrs O’Connor will be taking you through the arithmetic this week.  Learn along with her here:

Don’t forget that you can find videos on how to complete all the calculations here.


This week, we are going to be looking at persuasive letters.  Please open the PDF below named ‘Persuasive writing texts’ and read the 3 texts.  You can then open the ppt named ‘Persuasive texts comprehension questions’ and have a go at answering them. This is an editable powerpoint so you can type your answers directly into it!  You can then check your answers using the powerpoint named ‘Persuasive texts comprehension answers’.


The discovery of the Rosetta Stone was crucial to historians understanding of hieroglyphics and consequently the mystical world of the Ancient Egyptians.  Today, Mrs Chapman is going to be looking at the Rosetta Stone in a more detail.

Click here for the narrated PowerPoint and today’s task.



Today, we would like you to log onto your Mathletics account and complete at least 3 activities that have been set by your teacher.


To help with your persuasive letter writing this week, our grammar lesson is all about using modal verbs in persuasive writing.  Click here to access the Prezi presentation.


As an expert historian with a specialism in Ancient Egypt, you will now further your study by exploring Egyptian hieroglyphs. Can you use your new knowledge to decode the hieroglyphs? You can also showcase your skills by making your own aged papyrus and create your own message in hieroglyphs!  Open the Powerpoint below named ‘ Egyptian Hieroglyphs’ to start your exploration.



Please complete at least 15 minutes on TTRockstars.  You can then find some fun 9 and 10 tables table activities below.  How well do you know your 9 and 10 times tables?

Writing Task

In history this week, you have been looking at the Rosetta Stone, which is currently in the British Museum.  For many years, there has been an on-going debate about whether or not it should be returned to it’s country of origin, Egypt.  Today, you are going to be looking at the features of a persuasive letter in preparation for writing a letter tomorrow persuading the British Museum either to send the Rosetta Stone back to Egypt or to keep it here – whichever view you agree with.  Learn about persuasive letter writing with Mrs Roberts here:

Below, you will find the task in a document named ‘Persuasive Letter Example TASK’.  Once you have had a go, you can find the answers in the document named ‘Answers to Persuasive Letter Task’.


Following on from last week’s task on the creation of fossils, we are going to be looking at different types of fossils and what they can tell us about the past.  You will also be carrying out your own analysis of a fossil.  Open the powerpoint below named ‘Science fossils’ to get started.



Ms Horvatova is going to lead you through the wonderful world of converting between fractions and percentages.  Join her for the journey here:

You can then have a go at the powerpoint below named ‘ Converting Fractions Task’.

Writing Task

Today, you are going to be writing your letter to the British Museum.  Do you think that the Rosetta Stone should be returned to Egypt?  Or do you think it should remain at the British Museum?  Use all your powers of persuasive writing to put across your opinion on this matter.  Mrs Roberts will introduce you to some of the arguments for and against here:


When you start secondary school, you will no longer have just one teacher but instead will have a different teacher for all the subjects and a form tutor – that’s a lot of teachers!.  In PSHE this week, we are going to be looking at how you can build healthy and productive relationships with all your new teachers at secondary school.  Open the powerpoint below named ‘ Building Positive Relationships’ to get started.



We hope that you have been enjoying our teachers readings of ‘Wolf Brother’ and have been having a go at the questions he has been posing.

Please enjoy Mr Francis reading the next installment then complete the questions below.  Once you have completed the questions you can check them against the ‘Wolf Brother Chapter 24 Answers’ below.

Mathematics investigation

Today’s investigation is all about lost marbles.  Have a go and try not to lose your marbles in the process!!  See the document below named ‘Andy’s Lost Marbles’.  Once you have had a go, you can see the answers and a couple of ways it could have been worked out in the document below named ‘Andy’s Lost Marbles Answers’.


This week, we are starting a new computing unit called ‘We Are Network Technicians’ in which we will be developing our understanding of computer networks including the internet.  Open the powerpoint below named ‘We are network engineers! Lesson 1’ to learn more about how code is used to send information over the internet.

Extra Activities


Why not get yourself and your family fit by learning to dance with Ashley Banjo or maybe you’d like to go for a swim with Sir David Attenborough?  Open the powerpoint below named ‘PE at Home’ for more details.


If you’re feeling musical, why not visit here where you can learn beginner Notation, Ukulele, Keyboard, Recorder, make a homemade orchestra or find a song to sing.

Also, the music teachers have all been really busy adding things to the Jam Bus channel.

Why not have a look?

Extra Fun!


Why not test your learning from the history lessons this week in this Kahoot quiz?  How much can you remember?

Click here and when you are prompted add your initials like this.  The program will add you to a leaderboard so please tell us what you think about that on your class blogs.

Downloads for Extra Activities

Published on 17th May, 2020

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