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Week Starting 07 June 2020

🤝 Hello there Year 5!🤝

Good morning🌞 all of Year 5! I hope you had a great weekend. Did you know that it’s Best Friends Day today! So here’s a big shout out to all ‘besties’ out there!

We are excited to welcome back our Year 5 pupils across the Trust from Monday 8th but for those of you who have not returned, or those working at home for some part of the week, we are equally excited for you to log on to your online learning pages for you to continue your work from last week.

As usual, we have also been busy on the Year 5 BLOG pages reading all about the splendid work that you have been doing. It’s always exciting to see some of the photos posted there!

Last Friday, some of us also had the chance to test out the new Google Meet website.


This week we would like to try out a live lesson on Google Meet. Last Friday this was piloted with a few pupils and it worked well so this week we would like to try it with all 9 year 5 classes.

Our next LIVE lesson will be at 10am on Wednesday 10th June- we will be listening to our class novel ‘The Explorer’, read by Ms Sewell.

In order to access this meeting you will need to sign in to Google Meet:  You can do so using your .306 username followed by


Your password is the password you normally use with your .306 username.  This is the same as the login that you use to log into the school computers.

You can then join a meeting using the nickname: yr5vikings

If you have any problems opening this, please contact your teacher through your blog or email:

Please find detailed instructions (with screen shots) of how to access a Google Meet hereHow To Access A Google Meet – this document includes instructions of how to access a Google Meet from a laptop, desktop, smart phone and tablet.


Here’s some of the work that was sent in to us this week via the email and on the different year 5 blogs.

Once again we had a great time looking through all the work that has been coming in this past week. Some of you even had time for a stroll in the woods. It’s very important for your well being to be outside for a bit of fresh air!

Science, English and graffiti style art featured in the online pages last week and here are some examples. We also managed to get a quick snapshot of our Google meet before switching off all our cameras and microphones.




Pegasus Academy Whole Trust Challenge!
Children’s Art Week: Egg Box Art

This week, it is Children’s Art Week and we would like you to get creative with egg boxes.  Cardboard egg boxes are easier to work with and we hope you have one or two empty ones in your house or recycling box.  These 🐣‘eggscellent’🐣 websites have over 50 different ideas for egg box craft projects🎨.  Perhaps you could make a selection of egg box bugs.  Or how about the wonderful masquerade masks? Try the links below for more ideas.

1. Try these egg crafts
2. Get creative with these egg craft for kids!

Here is this week’s overview!


Activity 1. Maths – Area & Perimeter 
This week, we are moving on to finding the perimeter and area of shapes: Finding Perimeter of shapes
 Then work out the questions in the download sheets when you have finished. We are looking forward to seeing your answers.
Try here to find out more: Perimeter of shapes

Activity 2. English – ‘The Island’ – persuasive vocabulary
This week, we are continuing with the book ‘The Island’ and will be using persuasive vocabulary to encourage the Islanders to treat The Man in a better and more dignified way. We will begin by summarising the story in no more than 5 sentences. If you need a reminder of the story here it is once again being read by Ms Sewell. Double click to see it in full screen.

Task: Using the persuasive vocabulary word bank below write three suggestions of how the Islander could treat the man when he arrived.  Then write five sentences to persuade the Islanders to welcome and help him instead.  Use the presentation by Mrs. Rose to help you get on your way!  Again please double click to see the video in full screen.

Activity 3.- bff GIF
Best Friends Day!
Since it’s Best Friend’s Day today we thought that it would be nice for you to think about that special someone who might be your best friend for different reasons.
If you do have someone in mind then have a go at the activity below. Maybe send it to them when you have completed it. Remember to be safe when giving things!
video link from presentation- best friends soup! 


Activity 1. English – ‘The Island’
Grammar – Subjunctive Form
For Grammar today we are going to learn about the subjunctive form.  Go through the presentation and click on the video link:  The Island- Subjunctive form
When you have finished listening try to complete some of the worksheets in the downloads below.
Subjunctive form presentation.
Activity 2. Maths – area of rectilinear shapes
Today’s lesson will be about finding the Area of Shapes. Double click on the presentation below to learn more then complete the task below in the downloads. Remember if you can’t print the sheets you should use your exercise books or paper at home to show your working. We would love to see how you went about solving some of these.

Activity 3. ART – Graffiti Style – We will be continuing out work this week on Graffiti. We have had some wonderful graffiti work handed in last week. Have a look at the guidance in the presentation by clicking here: Graffiti Art

Task: Follow the steps and create your name in different graffiti styles! Remember, you will need to have a few blank sheets of paper to try this.





At 10 am Wednesday 10th June, year 5 teachers will be hosting a LIVE story via Google Meet. Please join us to listen to Ms Sewell read from our class novel ‘The explorer’.
See below for instructions on how to join.
In order to access this meeting you will need to sign in to Google Meet: You can do so using your .306 username followed by



Your password is the password you normally use with your .306 username when you log on to the computers at school.

If you joined us last Friday, you may find that you are already signed in.

You can then join a meeting using the nickname: yr5vikings

If you have any problems opening this, please contact your teacher through your blog or email

Please find detailed instructions (with screen shots) of how to log in to access a Google Meet in the introduction to this weeks page.

Activity 1. English- ‘The Island’ play script
Turn the story of ‘The Island’ into a play. Give your characters names, use speech, add stage and character direction.  Look at the Features Of A Play Script  sheet to help you set out your play and understand what to include.Remember to send your work in via email or on the Year 5 blog. We anticipate some very interesting play scripts.
Activity 2. Maths – Mathletics, TTRS, BBC Bitesize
Today is your chance to catch up on your Mathletics and TTRS challenges. Have some fun whilst learning and enjoy your time with some activities on these sites. 
BBC Bitesize 
Activity 3- Science – dissolving
This week for Science we would like you to try a few experiments involving Dissolving- see how those words rhyme?  Listen to Mr St Aimee’s presentation below and then try the investigation. Take a few photos and send them in to your teacher- I’m sure they’d love to see what you did.




Activity 1. English- ‘The island’
Use the subjunctive form in your writing.
Use the subjunctive form in a persuasive email to Mr. Roberts giving suggestions on how he could spend £12,000 to improve the school.  You can use the email template provided below or write it onto a sheet of paper in email format. See the video from Mrs Rose below for more details.

Activity 2. Maths
Finding Area of compound shapes
Today’s lesson follows on from the past few days. Listen to what Mr St Aimee has to say and follow along in the lesson here:
Now you can practise the skills you have learnt.
Geography-Crime and Punishment
Take a look at the ‘First Fleet’ and learn how it relates to the topic- Crime and Punishment in Victorian Times in Britain. Listen carefully to Mr St Aimee in the presentation below where your task is also explained.



Activity 1. English- Reading Comprehension
The choice is yours!
You have done an amazing job this week! Sit back and enjoy these texts – ‘The little Mermaid’ and ‘The Man Who Moved Mountains’ available in the downloads below. I know they are familiar stories but these versions are particularly interesting. Then do the questions below to show how well you interpreted the text. Enjoy!
Activity 2. Maths
Games and activities 

Today we are directing you to the Oxford Owl Maths page – here you will find various different Maths activities and games to practice and rehearse your Maths skills. You have a choice to do the activities online or print the PDF worksheets below either way have fun learning.  Remember it’s important to revise what you already know, to embed your knowledge!
Activity 3. Computing – using ‘Inkscape’
Today, have a go at using ‘Inkscape’ following the instructions in the video below:

Extra Activities


Hello everyone!

It was great seeing you at our last Google Meet on Friday. If you missed out, don’t worry.
Our next Google Meet will be Wednesday 10th June at 10am. Join us for the continuation of our class novel ‘The Explorer’.
Guidance for Google Meet lesson

  • After logging into Google Meet, you will need to enter a meeting name. The name for Wednesday is ‘yr5vikings‘ – all lowercase and only the letters within the inverted commas.
  • Once you have joined the meeting, wave hello, then mute your mic and turn your camera off.
  • Please keep mics muted unless asked by a teacher to unmute.
  • Ask and answer questions using the messaging function.
  • At the end of the meeting, teachers will allow all students class by class to send a message before exiting the call.

Try some of our extra activities here in case you need to take a step back and relax.

1. Jamie’s farm activities

2. Maths Challenge!- Battle of robots!

3. Egg Box Art

4. Negative Thoughts To Positive

5. French activity – have a go at matching animals in French. Use the worksheet below to support you!


Downloads for Extra Activities

Published on 7th June, 2020

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