Year 5

Week Starting 20 April 2020

Good morning Year 5 and it’s good to be ‘back’ at school! Mr. St Aimee, Mrs. Rose, Mr. Sawh, Mr. Kelly, Ms. Sewell, Ms. Dyges, Ms. Sunday, Ms. Fernandes and myself (Ms. Tamby) would all like to welcome you back and, even though life is a bit different, we hope to support you in your learning at home in the best way we can.  We hope you have had time to complete some of the activities on our Easter project?

Below, you will find your work for the rest of the week.  Remember to try as many activities as you can and tell us what you think by responding on our Year 5 ‘blog page’. In English, we are looking at a narrative poem – ‘The Highwayman’ and in maths, we will be learning a bit more about decimals. In additional to this, we will cover a few other topics like Art, DT and of course PE.  We are trying to cover as much of our normal learning as possible.

Ms. Tamby


Our first activity this week is to think about the impressions that we may have about Highwaymen – from movies, reading etc.  Please read and complete the questions in the ‘Highwayman Tell Me Grid’

Although we have have not done much work in Year 5 on decimals we know that you have worked on it in previous years in school so we will start gently.  Please look at our ‘Introduction to decimals’ and complete the online activities there.

Poster making activity – use paper of any size.  Please watch this video: and complete the mobile safety activity in the downloads section below


Today we will continue our work on decimals. We hope you got on well with yesterday’s work. Please click on this download Decimals Part 2 and have a go at the activities there. Remember to ask for help if you get stuck.

Linking with our work on ‘The Highwayman’, we would like you to do some research on a few ‘real life’ highway man- eg Dick Turpin and others and create an information book. Please use this link to help you make your book:
Click here for more information.

Vocabulary fun
Today, to continue our work on The Highwayman poem, we would like you to do a fun vocabulary matching activity. Click Here to begin.


Downloads for Tuesday


We hope that you were able to try out some of the activities yesterday. Thanks for some of your feedback. Today, we would like you to read the article Not Just For Easter in the First News. After reading it, complete the questions in the download below.

At this point in the year, we would like to continue with the life cycle of plants. Watch the following video clip and complete the worksheet below in the download section below. Enjoy, and remember to leave some feedback on our blog.

Have a go and get your body moving with the man who has taken the nation by storm, the impressive JOE WICKS ! 


Continue with your work on decimals. It is great to see how well some of you are getting on. Click on this link to find today’s work Decimals Part 3.  Remember to use your place value skills here! You can download the worksheet below.

We know how much you all love eating so how about trying out a simple recipe today from here:
Remember to take a picture if you can and upload it on the blog as we would love to see the outcome!

Have a go at making this fun ball out of paper. I made a few already and have even used scrap paper  and magazine pages to do it. It’s fun and you can make a few to string up as bunting.


Downloads for Thursday


To complete the week, have a look at this wonderful animation of the poem The Highwayman Highwayman Comic Strip Friday  and complete the worksheet in the download folder below. We know you would enjoy this very much. Show us your skills!

For today’s Maths, we would like you to complete your work on ‘Mathletics’ and Time Tables Rock Stars

We know many of you must have made beautiful posters to put up in your windows to show your support for our national heroes: We would like you to create a collage using pieces of paper to fill in these posters. You can use the downloads below or create your own design. Have fun!

Extra Activities

Have a go at this origami frog! Origami Activity Instruction Sheets Frog

Bunting making
Why not have a go at making your own bunting

Salt dough recipe
Try making some salt dough to create different designs Salt Dough Recipe

Singing makes you feel good and positively helps your brain and your thinking!  You can improve your singing, sing a song or even take on a rap/singing challenge  – the easy way, at Mrs E’s EASY SINGING page here

Published on 20th April, 2020

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