Year 5

Week Starting 03 May 2020

Hello year 5 pupils! Once again you are back for another week of wonderful, online learning.
Thank you for all your kind comments about the work from last week. Our blogs have been very busy (have you made a comment yet?) and we have seen some great work. We are so proud of you for keeping up with your learning. Here are some photos from our blogs this week. There are many more and we will try to post some more but have a look and enjoy!
There is some important news about how we plan to begin telephoning children this week to catch up and to see if there is any way that the Trust can support you further.  For a full explanation of this please read Mr. Roberts news story from Saturday 2nd May.


This week The Pegasus whole school challenge will be VE Day celebrations. We would like to remember this day by making some exciting bunting. Click here to find out more and get cutting, sticking and colouring.
This week we also have  a Times Table RockstarsLocked Down Rocked Out” battle between the schools in the trust. The battle will commence Monday 4th May at 9 a.m. and finishes Sunday 10th May at 8 p.m.  All the points you earn during this week will count towards our whole school total. The winning school will be the one who has gained the most points!  So- let the battle commence- on Monday!
We miss you!
Some of you are missing school and being with your friends but we are also aware that some of you have totally enjoyed being home with your family. Here is your week’s overview.
Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3
Monday English – Creative writing with a pictures prompt + Grammar. Maths – Percentages of amounts. How much is 38% of 32? PSHE– Positivity Jar.While at home, let’s remain positive and think of all the things which make us special.
Tuesday English – Adverbs and verbs. Maths – Percentages of amounts. Let’s look at some mental methods for calculating percentages of amounts. P.E – Stretch those muscles with 60 second challenges.
Wednesday English – sentence openers/ I.S.P.A.C.E Maths- Spend some time on these:

  • Mathletics
  • TTRS
  • Topmarks
R.E – The beginning of Judaism with the Story of Abraham & Sarah.
Thursday Maths –Percentages of amounts. Would you rather 50% of £1 or 78% of £1? Why History – Victorian punishments. Prisons were built in the Victorian era but what did prisoners do all day? Art – Let’s celebrate VE in style with amazing bunting!


Have a lovely week everyone and remember we are all still here, checking our blogs, preparing work and hoping every day that you all are safe and well.

Lots of best wishes to you and your family,

Ms Tamby and the year 5 team at Pegasus!


This week you will be writing a story using a picture as the stimulus. You have been given the story opening for you to continue. See here: Session 1 Task. Be creative and use all the ideas from stories, films and conversations that you have experienced. You will need to save what you have done today because you will use it for tomorrow’s work. I have added a Vocabulary Pack  for you to use.
This week we are going to look at how to work out a percentage of an amount. Remember a percentage is another way of showing part of a whole.Watch these videos and follow along to find percentage of amounts: percentage 1
percentage 2  Then do the questions in the downloads  below.
As well as having healthy body, we must also remember to feed our minds to have it healthy. Today, we would like you to make a Positivity Jar.
Ask family members to add positive comments to your jar as well so you can spread the joy around your home.


We hope you had a good time writing your story yesterday. Today, please continue your story from yesterday. See Session 2 Task below in the download section below.
Now try these Nouns Verbs Recognition Tue and get your answers for yesterday’s work.
Hope you got on well with the Maths yesterday. Today we will continue with Percentages.Remember, if you have any questions use the email address for home learning or our blogs to get in touch with us. We are happy to help.
Hopefully you are keeping your body fit and healthy by moving. Today we would like you to have a go at any one of the following by clicking on the links in this document: Pick 3 PE Challenges


English Revisit the visual writing stimulus (picture) that we have been using this week and complete Session 3 Task (Question Time). Answer the questions in your home learning book or upload your answers to the blog. We’d love to see what you are doing.
Maths Today you have a choice of Maths activities to do: Mathletics, TTRS or Topmarks by using the links to our Pegasus website here:

Have fun learning!

In this lesson we will be looking at the origins of Judaism The Story Of Abraham And Sarah and how it was founded. Watch the video clip  and then retell the story of Abraham and using the storyboard attached below. Remember to save all your work or email and blog your responses to us.



Check out you work here today. Thanks to all those who uploaded to the blog. We have really enjoyed looking at your responses. Show your skills by working out these  Maths Challenge
This week we are continuing our topic on Crime and Punishment. Today we would like you to learn more about this in the Victorian Times. Check the Victorian Hard Labour text to help you out some more. Read the text and answer the questions below.
Did you know that tomorrow May 8th is VE Day? Let’s celebrate the memory of ‘Victory in Europe’ and the peace that has since followed by making some bunting to hang around your living spaces, gardens and maybe even outdoors. Have fun everyone!



Extra Activities

Published on 3rd May, 2020

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