Year 4

Week Starting 28 June 2020

Hello Year 4,

Welcome to a new week of home learning.

Well Done to everyone who managed to log in to the maths lesson with Mr Stephenson this week or if you managed to join a class meet.  All classes in Year 4 are now offering class meets each week and we really look forward to seeing the children and hearing their news.  There is help with home to log in on the Trust Google Meets page here.  If you need any further help logging, please email and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.  You will also find a copy of the meeting days and passwords in the Downloads for Extra Activities.

Here are some wonderful examples of home learning we have received over the last week.

We will begin reading and discussing a new book for our English activities this week, ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’.  We are aware of course, that we have not yet finished Varjak Paw, but dont worry, each week you will be able to access a few of the remaining chapters in the Extra Activities section.  We will finish reading Varjak Paw!


Nicky in Lime Class has baked this wonderful chocolate tart.

Muhammad in Morgan Class has produced some amazing Varjak Paw work.

Luella in Sycamore Class produced a fantastic Varjak Paw comic strip.

Kelvyn in Planets Class has been working hard on his handwriting at home. What beautiful work!

Eliza in Hawthorn Class made this very detailed Zentangle.

Dillon in Morgan Class has really enjoyed working on his geometric Islamic art.

Ava in Hawthorn Class has produced this beautiful Zentangle. What wonderful patterns!

Your work could be here next week so remembe to email in!



Time Capsule Challenge


What will you remember most about Lockdown?  Not being able to see family and friends?  Not attending school? Clapping for Carers every Thursday evening?  The quiet roads?  Going on your daily walk?

This week, we would like you to put all of your Lockdown memories in one place and make a time capsule to remember this historical event.  You will find a handout in the  Downloads for Extra Activities with some ideas and a checklist to get you started.

Here is this week’s timetable.  We look forward to seeing you in the Google Meets.

Take care

The Year 4 team 😃


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Activity 1


Arthur and the Golden Rope

Lesson One




Arthur and the Golden Rope

Lesson Two




Arthur and the Golden Rope

Lesson Three

Activity 2





King Arthur

Lesson One


Make a potato battery


King Arthur

Lesson Two


King Arthur

Lesson Three

Activity 3



Hobbies and Talents



Stories from Islam

The Angry Woman


Anglo- Saxon Clothing


The Natural World


My Bedroom



1 English

Today we are going to be beginning to look at our new text “Arthur and the Golden Rope”.  Join Miss Binks as she shows you how to respond to illustrations and make predictions.  You will find a copy of the presentation in the Downloads for Monday section below to help you.  We very much hope you enjoy the new book.

2 Geography

Last week, we learnt about Anglo-Saxon settlements.  This week, we will focus on modern day settlements and look and how the land is used and what it is used for in different areas.  Read through the PowerPoint and find today’s task and extension in the Downloads for Monday section below.


In this lesson, we will be listening to Lexie’s story.  As you watch the clip, please take time to think about how she has started her new hobby of ‘trainee reporter’.  How does it help her to gain new skills while also celebrating her existing talents?
After watching the clip, think about all the things you have learned since the lockdown began.  You can find a presentation with a link to the clip in the Downloads for Monday section below.



1 Maths

This week in maths we begin investigating money.  Today we will be looking specifically at the denominations and converting between pounds (£) and pence (p).  There is a PowerPoint to follow, an activity to complete and the answers so you can check your work.  This can all be found in the Downloads for Tuesday section below .

2 Reading

In this first reading lesson about King Arthur, we learn about how the sword in the stone is smashed and Arthur is lent Excalibur by the Lady of the Lake.  You’ll be answering some comprehension questions on this story to help you to understand the famous plot and larger-than-life characters.  You will find a copy of the text in the Downloads for Tuesday section below to help you.

3 RE

In today’s lesson you are going to retell a scenario of when you have shown kindness to someone who has been unkind to you.  Watch the story of ‘The Angry Woman’ below.  There is a worksheet to help you in the Downloads for Tuesday section below



1 English

In this lesson, we are going to be stepping inside the Brownstone family vault and examining some of the rare and precious artefacts which are contained within.  We will be practicing our use of expanded noun phrases and finally we are going to be writing  a letter to Professor Brownstone.  Look in the Downloads for Wednesday section below to find the activity sheet and the formal letter template.



2 Science

A battery is a device that stores chemical energy and converts it to electrical energy.  The chemical reactions in a battery involve the flow of electrons from one material to another, through an external circuit.  Your task is to find out which types of foods allow the flow of electrons from one object to another.  What will these foods be able to power?  Follow the instructions on the sheet in the Downloads for Wednesday section below to help you make your own potato battery.

3 Thematic

For Thematic this week, you will be learning about Anglo-Saxon Clothing.  Your task will be to dye a piece of fabric using a natural dye.  We will be using fresh turmeric and turmeric in powder form.  Do not worry if you haven’t got it, you can use other ingredients, such as onion skins.  Before you begin the task, make sure that you soak your fabric overnight.  The whole process requires adult supervision so please do not attempt to do this by yourself.  Follow the presentation and video below as Ms Bitata shows you what to do.



1 Maths

We will continue today our investigation of money.  Today we will be looking specifically at the ordering money, and applying some of our knowledge of pounds (£) and pence (p).  There is a PowerPoint to follow, an activity to complete and the answers so you can check your work.  This can all be found in the Downloads for Thursday section below .

2 Reading

The second reading lesson introduces Morgan Le Fay – Arthur’s half-sister – who she has a deadly grudge against him.  In this story, she plays a cruel trick on Arthur which threatens his kingship and even his life.  You are going to practice your skill at summarising this story, guided by questions and prompts on each page. You can find a copy of the story in the Downloads for Thursday section below.

3 Art

For Art this week, our theme is ‘Natural World’.  You will be creating a mind map that shows what nature means to you. This activity is very similar to the ‘nature frames’ we did at the beginning of the lockdown.  The only difference is, you will be able doing it on a piece of paper while using a combination of materials.  Look at the examples in the presentation in Downloads for Thursday section below for inspiration.



1 English 

Today we continue our work on Arthur and the Golden Rope.  We will be reading the first 10 pages of the story and then reflecting on the themes.  One of the early themes, before Arthur’s adventure really gets going, is the importance of book and stories.  Today’s task will be writing a poem based on this theme.  A PowerPoint video with all that you need can be found below.

2 Reading 

In this last lesson about King Arthur, we learn how his story ends when he gives back Excalibur. A heroic tale including battles and betrayal awaits! You’ll be investigating the effect of the author’s use of language – but if you’d like to read the full story first, you’ll find it in the Downloads for Friday section below.

3 French

Today in French we are learning to talk about the things we have in our bedrooms. Join Mrs Pinkney in the video for a sneak tour of her son’s room. Next you will be drawing a plan of your own bedroom and labelling the objects in French. In the Downloads for Friday section below, there is a vocabulary list to help you and an example drawing.



Extra Activities


Singing makes us feel good and positively helps your brain and your thinking.  You can improve your singing, sing a song, or even take on the rap/singing challenge – and do it the easy way – at ‘Mrs. E’s EASY SINGING’ page here


If you are looking for some extra challenges you will find some extra maths to have a go at in the Downloads for extra activities.

Varjak Paw

Chapter 28

Join Mrs Marsh to continue the story of Varjak Paw:

Chapter 29

Join Miss Powell for the next part of Varjak’s adventures:

Chapter 30

Join Mr. Stephenson for the 30th chapter of Varjak’s exciting adventures:



Class Google Meets

The following classes will also be having Google Meets this week.  We hope you can join us.


Rowan:  Wednesday  12:00 PM password: rowan

Hawthorn: Thursday  11 AM password: hawthorn

Lime: Friday  11AM password:lime


Morgan: Tuesday  1:30 PM password: hellomorgan

Connemara: Friday 11 AM password: conNCyr4

Camargue: Wednesday 2:00 PM password: camY4


Planets: Tuesday 11:00AM password: planetsmeet

Comets: Thursday  1:00 PM password: heycomets


Sycamore: Tuesday  11:00AM Password: Sycamore 


Published on 28th June, 2020

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