Year 4

Week Starting 21 June 2020

Hello Year 4,

Welcome to a new week of home learning.

The number of pupils who accessed our Year Group Google Meet has doubled.  Starting last week with 30 pupils, we enjoyed meeting and greeting 65 pupils this week.  A big ‘Well Done’ to everyone who managed to join the Year 4 Google Meet or one of the trial Class Meets this week (or even both), we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.  Along with the pupils our entire Y4 staff were also present.  The Class Meets are a great way for the teachers to be able to see you and share news and the teachers and children all leave with a smile on their face. This is also a good place for you to share a piece of work you are really proud of with your teacher and the rest of the class.

Next week we are expanding the number of Class Meets so check in the extra activities and the Google Meets page here to see if there is one for your class.  You will also find the login instructions on this page. There will be another Year Group Meet on Wednesday at 1PM.  If you haven’t managed to join us then we hope to see you next week.

The Unicorn Theatre is providing a ‘unique digital theatre experience’ with their fantastic ‘Anansi the Spider Re-Spun’.  Head over to the website to watch, or just click here.

Here are some wonderful examples of home learning from last week and lots of you have been enjoying the Zentangles art.

Sebastian’s from Hawthorn Class produced this lovely Zentangle

Shekhina also enjoyed designing this super Zentangle.

Archie in Lime Class with his super Zentangle design.

Hussen in Sycamore and his two fantastic Zentangle designs.

Grace and David from EPS used an online tutorial to create their own unique Zentangles.

Dillon in Morgan Class is working really hard on his English at home. Well Done!

Kaylah in Connemara Classmade this super computer art to show how much she loves school.

Your work could be here next week so remember to email in!



This week, it is National School Sport Week.  At this time of year, we are often enjoying taking part in Sports’ Day and Key Stage 2 children have the opportunity to compete at the Croydon Schools’ Athletics Championship.  This year, our celebration of sport will be a bit different but you can find out more about getting involved in NSSW from home here.

This week, we would like you to get active by building – and using – your very own obstacle course.  Your obstacle course can be designed to be used either inside or outside and you can find lots of ideas to get you started on a sheet in the Extra Activities Downloads section.

Here is this week’s timetable.  We look forward to seeing you in the Google Meets.

Take care

The Year 4 team 😃


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Activity 1


Varjak Paw

Chapter 25


Rounding Decimals


Varjak Paw

Chapter 26


Halves and Quarters


Varjak Paw

Chapter 27

Activity 2



Roll a Can with Static Electricity



Bending Water


Islamic Art


Web Tech Tutor



Ma maison

Activity 3




King Arthur


Alice in Wonderland

Week 2

Lesson 1



Alice in Wonderland

Week 2 Lesson 2


Alice in Wonderland

Week 2

Lesson 3




1 English

Today we find Varjak Paw trying hard to make himself invisible.  What would you do if you had this magical skill?  You can read the chapter and follow the activity in one video today as Mrs Pinkney takes you through today’s lesson.  Your task is then to write a poem telling us how you would use this power.  In the Downloads for Monday section below, there is a poem frame and a word bank to help you.

2 Science

Today, you are going to try your own experiment!  Static electricity occurs when there is a build-up of electrons on something, giving it an electrical charge.  Your task is to use a balloon to make a can move.  Stretch yourself and see what happens when you change the variables.  For example, ‘Do you think you could make a can move using a different object, other than a balloon?  The activity sheet for this task is in the Downloads for Monday section below.

3 Geography

In today’s geography lesson, Mrs Marsh will teach you all about Anglo-Saxons settlements: what they were and how the Anglo-Saxon men and women built successful settlements that suited all their needs. You will find the PowerPoint and task in the Downloads for Monday section below.



1 Maths

Today you are going to be looking at rounding decimals.  You will find a PowerPoint to view, a worksheet to complete and the answers so you can check your work in the Downloads for Tuesday section below.

2 Science

Today you are going to try another experiment: You are going to bend water!
According to scientists, water has a neutral electrical charge because it has a balanced number of positive and negative charges.

Your task is to bend water using a plastic comb.  There is also an opportunity for you extend your understanding of the science involved by conducting additional research in order to answer the final question.

The task sheet is in the Downloads for Tuesday section below.

3 Thematic

For history this week, we are looking at a famous figure from our Anglo-Saxon period who may or may not have actually existed in real life – King Arthur!  Let’s explore the famous stories and films together and decide what evidence we would need to make up our minds about King Arthur. Then we can have a go at making his famous sword, Excalibur! Join Mrs Chapman as she takes you through today’s lesson. There is a sheet in the Downloads for Tuesday section below to help you.



1 English

Your task  today is to create a comic strip showing the conversation that Varjak, Holly and Cludge have in Chapter 26 using direct speech.  Make sure that you watch the PowerPoint to better understand what direct speech is and what it looks like when used in a comic strip.  Join Ms Bitata as she reads you Chapter 26 and then guides you through the task.

2 RE

In this RE lesson, we are going to be looking at the features of Islamic art. What makes it special or different to art forms popular in other cultures or religions? We are going to be learning to recognise Islamic art and also having a go at creating some of our own art in this style.

Finally, as an extra challenge, you can sharpen your technical drawing skills with Mr. Santos as we create a complex geometric pattern. You will find sheet to help you in the Downloads for Wednesday section below.

Challenge Time

3 Reading

This week we are continuing our work on ‘Alice in Wonderland’.  Today we are looking at how to justify our ideas using evidence from the text.  We are also going to make predictions using an illustration.  Join Ms Binks as she takes you through today’s lesson.  You will find a copy of the text and illustration in the Downloads for Wednesday section below.


1 Maths

Today you are going to be looking at halves and quarters.  You will find a PowerPoint to view, an activity sheet to complete and an answer sheet so you can check your work in the Downloads for Thursday section below.

2 Computing 

This week, you are going to use Web Tech Tutor.

Click here to log in . Then click the USO login and use your .306 user name and password to log in.

You will find the tasks and a guide to help you in the Downloads for Thursday section below.

3 Reading

Today we are going to continue with the ‘Croquet game’ and a conversation between Alice and the Cheshire Cat.  After reading the first extract, we are going to be writing in role as Alice to imagine her conversation with the cat.  After you have finished, you can then watch the rest of the video where Ms Binks shares with you what actually happens in the text.  You will find a copy of the text and the ‘reveal’ in the Downloads for Thursday section below.



1 English

Here for your enjoyment is Miss Nichols reading chapter 27 of Varjak Paw.  There is a PowerPoint to view, a writing activity to complete, and a rather wonderful example of what to do.  Enjoy!

Varjak has finally reached the Contessa’s house. He has the monster – the dog, he is ready! Ready to go and save his family but he finds out that dogs cannot climb. So, it is now up to Varjak and Holly, to save his family.

Can they do it? Will they fail? What is going to happen once they are inside?

What happens next?

This is your opportunity to write the next chapter.

Your opportunity to let your imagination and creative writing run wild!

You can access the PowerPoint and writing example in the Downloads for Friday section below.

2 French

Today you are going to be learning the French words for the different rooms and parts of your house.  Join Miss Powell as she explains the task to you.  You will a copy of the wordsearch and task in the Downloads for Friday section below.

Watch the video below to listen to the names of the parts of the house in French.


3 Reading

Today we are going to practise reading playscripts of Alice in Wonderland. Join Ms Binks as she takes you through the dos and don’ts of reading these aloud.  You will then find some scripts to try in the Downloads for Friday section below.


Extra Activities


Singing makes us feel good and positively helps your brain and your thinking.  You can improve your singing, sing a song, or even take on the rap/singing challenge – and do it the easy way – at ‘Mrs. E’s EASY SINGING’ page here

Science: Invisible Ink activity.

If you would like to learn how to make your very own invisible ink with simple household items (including a lemon!) then head to the Downloads section below for further details on how to keep your secrets secret!


Are you missing your friends? Why not write them a recipe for your friendship, explaining why it’s so great.  Mrs. Chapman gives you some ideas in this video.  You will find a sheet in the Downloads section below to help you or you can design your own.


If you would like some extra maths tasks, we have added some of the ‘Mathletics’ work books to the Downloads section below that you can print off and complete.

Google Meet – Year 4

Our next Year 4 Google Meet will be on Wednesday 24th June at 1PM.  If you would like to join in with some Y4 maths, then the enter the Password: year4june24

Class Google Meets

The following classes will also be having Google Meets this week.  We hope you can join us.


Rowan:  Tuesday 23rd June 1:30 PM password: rowan

Hawthorn: Thursday 25th June 11 AM password: hawthorn

Lime: Friday 26th June 11AM password:lime


Morgan: Tuesday  23rd June 1:30 PM password: hellomorgan

Connemara: Friday 26th June 11 AM password: conNCyr4

Camargue: Wednesday 24th June 2:00 PM password: camY4


Planets: Tuesday 23rd June 1:00 PM password: planetsmeet

Comets: Thursday 25th June 11:00 AM Password:heycomets


Sycamore: Tuesday 23rd June 11:00AM Password: Sycamore 


Published on 21st June, 2020

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