Year 4

Week Starting 20 April 2020

Hello Year 4,

Welcome Back! We hope that you have enjoyed your Easter break and that all of you are keeping safe and well.  We would love to hear about the Easter projects you managed to complete and you can post about these on your class blogs hereWe hope you have managed to keep up with all of the posts that we put on the website for you to look at before Easter especially all the different teachers in our year group reading chapters from ‘Varjak Paw’?

This page is where you will find your learning for the week.  We will cover each of the subjects we would usually do in school and have planned some fun activities for you to complete each day.

The Year 4 Team




How Close to 100?

Have a go at this strategy game to see how close to 100 you can get. You can find the instructions here and a supporting worksheet in the Downloads for Monday section below.

Click here to watch a supporting video (you will need to view this using Google Chrome).


Today you are going to practise your numbers by playing this playground game from France.  If you have some chalk, you could even draw your own grid outside. Fancy a challenge then try starting at the end and counting backwards.


This term we will be learning about Islam. Watch the introductory video here and create your own mind map of what you have learnt about Islam so far.

Downloads for Monday



In the ‘Welcome Back’ message above, you will notice that there is a link to the six Varjak Paw chapters that teachers from Year 4 have read for you so far.  We will be adding to these next week but, until then, we thought that this week would be a good time for you to catch up with any chapters that you have not yet listened to.

Furthermore, after listening to chapter 1, you can complete the ‘Tell Me’ grid found in the Downloads for Tuesday section below.


Make your very own Varjak Paw eight-page mini-book to record the thoughts, questions and artwork that you might have or be inspired to produce after listening to the chapters.


Our PHSE task is to write a list poem about happiness and positive thinking.  Here are some questions to get you started:

Who or what do you think is…brilliant, special, amazing or fantastic?
Who or what makes you…laugh and smile?
Who or what do you…love?
Who or what makes you happy?

Complete the happiness is poem found in the Downloads for Tuesday section below.




To finish off our work on ‘Living things and their habitats’ we would like you to complete some work about food chains. Take a look at the video  ‘What is a food chain?’ to remind yourself of the different elements.

You can then try these food chain challenges to test your knowledge:

You can then create your own food chains poster based on the ones you identified in each of these habitats.


Today’s maths challenge is another strategy problem to make the 100 by arranging 4 different digits from 1-9 in a box to create a total of 100.  You can find the instructions and an example here. 

Your challenge is to find four different digits that give four two-digit numbers which add to a total of 100.


Today we would like you step outside and create your own ‘Nature Photo Frames’.  Follow the instructions in the download below to help you.  Once you have finished, you could try uploading a photo of it to your class blog.  Be creative and have fun!



Downloads for Wednesday



I hope you are enjoying Varjak Paw.  Remember, we will be continuing to read  from chapter 7 next week so make sure you have listened to all our available chapters.  In the Downloads for Thursday section below, you will find some images taken from the text.


What can you see happening in the picture?

What do think is happening/being said?

What question do you have about the images/text?


So, it’s AD 410 and the last Roman soldiers have just left Britain.  If you would like to know what happened next in the history of Britain, you can find out by watching this video.

You could write a ‘What I know about the Anglo Saxons’ before watching the clip and ‘What I now know about the Anglo Saxons’ after watching the clip.


Join in with the Joe Wicks daily workout:  PE with Joe is live at 9:00 am on his YouTube channel.  Alternatively, you can watch repeats at any time.

If you watch this episode from Friday 17th April right to the end, Joe explains how you can enter his t-shirt design competition.  The chosen t-shirt design will be manufactured and sold with all proceeds donated to the NHS.

Downloads for Thursday



Today you are going to making ‘Magic Vs’ using the numbers 1 to 5 so that the two arms of the V have the same total.  You can find instructions and an example to help you here.  In the Downloads for Friday section below, you will also find a poster of the problem to help you.  It has some further challenge questions for you to try too.


As we are learning about Anglo-Saxons this term, today you have a story from this time in history to read and answer questions about.  You can find the story of how Thunor got his hammer in our Downloads for Friday section below.  Have you heard of this character before and if so where? Is he the same or different to how you remember him and how?


For computing this week, we would like you to log in to J2 Bloggy and leave a post on your class blog.  You can access these here.  On this page, you will also find instructions for how to log in.  We would like you to leave a post about your work this week or something you did over the Easter break.

Extra Activities

Art Challenge

As we have been learning about animals in science and we also know many of you like to draw we have added a drawing challenge for this week.  Check the Downloads for Extra Activities section below for help in how to draw an accurate sketch of a bird step-by-step.  Once you have finished drawing, you could colour or shade your bird to add more detail.  Good luck Year 4!

Science Challenge

How about trying to make a boat from tin foil?  Will it float or just fill up with water and sink?  How do boats float?

Challenge members of your family:  Who’s boat can hold the most amount of weight, maybe 1p or 2p coins, before it collapses and sinks?

Access supporting instructions in the Downloads for Extra Activities section below.


Published on 20th April, 2020

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