Year 4

Week Starting 10 May 2020

Hello Year 4,

Welcome to another week of home learning.  It has been lovely talking to some of you each day and hearing how you are all getting on.  Remember – we will be continuing to phone families each day.  So if we haven’s phoned yet, you will be hearing us from this week.  We look forward to catching up with you.  If you see a call that says ‘No caller ID’ between 10AM and 4PM that may well be your teacher.

We have been really pleased to see how hard you are working on your home learning and really enjoyed seeing the examples you posted on to the blogs or that you emailed to us.  You can send a photo of you and your work to  Remember – we would also love to hear how you are and to see some of your amazing work on our class blogs which you can access here.

Here are some wonderful examples of home learning from last week.

Thomas from Connemara Class did some super writing about ‘Varjak Paw’

Nicole in Hawthorn Class produced some beautiful PHSE work.

Nkeiru in Planets Class enjoyed Mrs Chapman’s PE lesson and was joined by her younger brother.

Luella in Sycamore Class produced some colourful PHSE week on hope.

Emily in Rowan Class produced some fantastic work about hope.

Archie in Lime Class produced a fantastic poem about happiness.

Angelo in Camargue Class has been working very hard on his Varjak Paw writing.

Your work could be here next week so remember to email in!



This week’s Pegasus whole trust challenge is all about one of our five Pegasus values: ‘We care’. We would like to show our local community just how much the children at Pegasus schools do care.   

There are many people living and working in care homes and at the moment they might be feeling very isolated.  This is because family and friends may be unable to visit the residents of care homes and because some people who work in care homes are living there to help stop the virus from spreading.  This can make them feel sad and lonely. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to show that we care and to help lift their spirits?

This week’s challenge is to write a letter to someone who lives or works in a care home.  You can access the information for this task in the Downloads for Extra Activities section.





Take care Year 4 and keep safe and well.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Year 4 team 😃

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Activity 1



Reading: Beowulf Lesson 3


Varjak Paw Chapter 12


Toy design

Lesson 1


Deaf Awareness Week

Activity 2


Varjak Paw Chapter 11





Why did the Anglo-Saxons invade and settle?







Activity 3


Digestive system part 2.




Art Competition:

Nature art work


Plank Challenge


Baking with Ms Nicols and Tegan




This week, we are going to be looking at the concept of gratitude.  The video for today contains a guided meditation which you may want to use each day.  Here are some examples of ideas from Ms Bitata.  There is also a sheet in the Downloads for Monday section below to help you.













2. English

Today in English we will looking at chapter 11 of Varjak Paw and thinking about the range of emotions that Varjak is experiencing.  You can access the text and activity in the Downloads for Monday section below.  In the activity, you can complete an ’emotion grid’ to describe how you think Varjak is feeling during 5 key moments in the chapter.  In your reading journals, you could then explain why you think Varjak is feeling the way he does to support your idea.  Good luck.

3. Science

This week, we are going to continue learning about the digestive system and the functions of each of the organs.  Watch the video below and complete the sheet to create your own interactive digestive system in Downloads for Tuesday section below.  There is also an experiment for you to try here too.


1. Reading

In this third reading lesson on Beowulf, we finally get to find out more about Beowulf and his mission!  This lesson will also help you to think about tomorrow’s history lesson – can you spot the similarities between this Anglo-Saxon poem and the real-life events we will study?  Think about kings asking for something – who do they ask – where do those people come from…   We’d love to know your thoughts.


2. RE

Recently you have learning about the five pillars of Islam.  One of these pillars is ‘salat’ (prayer).  In today’s lesson, you will learn about the practice of prayer and the significant features of the prayer mat. 

In the Downloads for Tuesday section below, you will find the instructions for the task, some example prayer mats and a template on which you can design your own.

3. French

Bonjour! In our last lesson, we practised the numbers 1-10 in French.  Today we will use that knowledge to complete number problems and puzzles in French.  We will also learn the numbers 11-20.  Good luck and enjoy.

You can find the task in the Downloads for Tuesday section below.


1. English

Today Ms Binks is back to read you Chapter 12 of Varjak Paw.  Watch the video to find out what happens when Varjak sets out to find a dog.

Once you finished watching the video, have a go at the task below.  There is also a printable copy in the Downloads for Wednesday section below.

2. Topic

In this  lesson you are going to be exploring some of the reasons the Anglo-Saxons had for invading Britain.  You are going to be considering the different ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factors and using your ideas to write a letter.  Read the presentation in Downloads for Wednesday section below to help you.

3. Art

Let your imagination go wild with this fantastic art competition.  The Royal Society of the Protection of Birds (RSPB) wants your nature inspired artwork.  View the PowerPoint presentation in the Downloads for Wednesday section below for ideas and information and look out of your window for inspiration.


1. Computing

Tinkercad Rocket.  This week, you are going to create your own toy rocket.  Have a look at the information here to give you an idea.

For the next steps, you need adult support.  In order to start with this brilliant project, your adult needs to set up an account with TinkerCad, which is a free online collection platform of software tools that help people all over the world think, create and make.  Follow this link

Once the account is created, you need the learn the basic moves.  After tinkering for a bit, you can have a go at creating your own rocket.  Make sure you watch this clip first

After the lockdown, we might have the opportunity to print some of your toys using a 3D printer.  I hope this sounds exciting!  We are looking forward to seeing your projects.  Take your time and stay safe.

2. Maths

Today we going to apply some of our recent learning about decimals in order to help us to divide 1 digit numbers by 10.  If you open this link, you will find a video to watch.  An activity sheet to complete and an answer sheet so you can check your work are in the Downloads for Thursday section below.

Remember, we are looking at Week 1, Lesson 5 today: Dividing 1 digit by 10

3. P.E.

This week Ms Bitata is challenging you to complete the “Cha Cha Plank Slide”.  Follow along with the video and see how far you can get.  Good luck!



Today Mrs Marsh is going to teach you how finger spell can be used to communicate with people who have hearing loss.  She has two challenges for you to complete in her video, so good luck and have fun!

2. Maths

Moving on from our last lesson, today We Are Learning To divide 2 digits by 10. If you open this link, you will find a video to watch.  An activity sheet to complete and an answer sheet so you can check your work are in Downloads for Friday section below.

Remember, we are looking at Week 2, Lesson 1 today: Dividing 2 digits by 10.

3, DT

This week Ms Nicols and Tegan are going to teach you how to bake some delicious cup cakes.

Have fun and remember an adult needs to be with you when you are baking so you are nice and safe!

Extra Activities


Singing makes us feel good and positively helps your brain and your thinking.  You can improve your singing, sing a song, or even take on the rap/singing challenge – and do it the easy way – at ‘Mrs. E’s EASY SINGING’ page here

Pegasus Academy Trust Activity

The information and letter templates for this lovely task of writing a letter to a resident or key worker in a local care home are in the Downloads section below.  We really hope as many of you as possible will be able to complete this and raise the spirits of someone in a local care home 😊

Published on 10th May, 2020

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