Year 3

Week Starting 03 May 2020

Hello Year 3!

This week is the third week of our home learning activities . We hope you are keeping safe and well and enjoying the tasks we have set for you.  It has been lovely to see some of the work that you have been doing over the last couple of weeks. Keep it up and keep sharing your amazing work with us on your class blog or email your photos to our new home learning page –  There is also some news about telephone calls that the team will be making over the next two weeks in Mr. Roberts post here.

Isaac in Shetland Class has been busy this week completing thematic, maths and creative writing.

Tiago in Birch class has been creating a flip book all about a Sabre-toothed tiger and practising his times tables.

Elsie in Birch class has being doing some research about a Sabre-toothed tiger and working on her colours in French. 



Sofia in Birch class has worked hard to create some interesting dialogue from our last book.

Your work could be here next week so remember to email it in to: 

Please take a look at this week’s tasks. Remember that there are some extra activities for you to dive into as well including the Pegasus weekly activity.

Pegasus Weekly Activity  – On Friday 8 May 2020 Britain will be commemorating the 75th anniversary of VE Day when the guns fell silent at the end of war in Europe.  You can find out  more about VE day here.  The Pegasus challenge for this week is  to make ‘Great British Bunting’    to display in your window and mark the 75th Anniversary of VE  Day.
Reminder for Lexia and Bug Club users – You can login in to Lexia from home.  If you are a Bug Club user remember your login and password  are in the front of your diary. When working on Bug Club, you need to answer ALL the questions carefully and choose the most accurate answer to move on.  Each bug icon needs to be completed! If a task has not been competed or we would like you to have another go then a book may be reallocated for you to try again. Good luck!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Session 1 Session 2 Session 2
Monday Maths -Multiplication tasks. Literacy – Introduction to ‘Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf’ Science – Water transportation celery activity.
Tuesday Computing – J2E code Literacy – Language skills. PE  – Get active with Joe
Wednesday Maths – Multiplication tasks Thematic – Use pictures and photographs to investigate the past. Reading – Oxford Owls comprehension.
Thursday Maths – Grid Multiplication RE –  Design a Buddhist temple. Literacy – Descriptive language.
Friday Bank holiday Bank holiday Bank holiday

Enjoy the long weekend and remember to keep safe.

The Year 3 team


MATHS – (See download below) Complete the multiplication tasks set for you today. Remember you can create your own resources to help you if you need to. (Straws, stones, even rice crispies.)

LITERACY – This week, we start a new reading adventure with out next book. ‘Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf.’ Join Mrs. Milner as she helps us dive into the start of the story.  Afterwards, watch the clip about some of the wonders of the world and create your own descriptive writing piece. (see download below) Remember to plan your ideas first and see if you can use your superhero writing target skills.

SCIENCE – We are continuing with our new topic on plants. We hope that you have found out lots of new information. Today, we would like you to carry out your own little experiment.. Grab some celery (The leafier the better) and discover how water is transported through plants (See download below)


COMPUTING – Continue with your computing work from last week. Hopefully by now your animation has a background and a sprite that moves. (If not keep working on this.) Those of you who have, see if you can you get your sprite to say something. Log on to JUST2EASY and go to J2CODE.

LITERACY – Join Mrs. Milner for the second part of ‘Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf’  and then complete the tasks set (see downloads below) Listen to the Synonyms Song and play vocabulary snap!

PE –  Get your party started with a daily dose of PE with Joe Tuesday 5th May


MATHS – (See download below) Complete the multiplication tasks set for you today. Remember to think about what happens when you make a number ten times bigger.

THEMATIC – (See download below) Use the pictures to investigate what you think life was like in the past and make notes on your findings. You can use these notes for next weeks thematic activity.

READING –  Log onto Oxford Owls (details of how to log on are on the download below) and read Cornflake coin. Then answer the comprehension questions set.


MATHS – (see download below) Revise grid multiplication. Remember if you need a little help to look at the calculation videos to help you!

LITERACY –  Watch the video of the cheetah.  Write a paragraph to describe the cheetah. Think about its appearance, the texture of its fur and its markings.  Can you explain how it moves?

Next, join Mrs Milner for the another installment of Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf .

Imagine you are one of the gods in the story.  If you could create a new animal, what would it look like? How would it behave?  Draw a picture of your new animal and label with vocabulary to describe it ( see download below)

RE –  Have a look at the Powerpoint and then design a Buddhist temple (see downloads below).


Bank Holiday – no activities set for today

Extra Activities

CRAFT –  Design and make your own  ‘Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf’ puppets using recycling from your home (see download below) Don’t forget we would love to see pictures of your creations!

Music  – Ms E has added more singing ideas on Easy Singing.  Take a look at the Jam Bus Channel where you can make a homemade orchestra with Mr Santos!

Downloads for Extra Activities

Published on 3rd May, 2020

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