Year 3

Week Starting 12 July 2020

Hello Year 3 children and families and welcome to the final week of home learning,

This week you will be receiving your reports in the post from us and we are really proud of everything you have achieved this year and how well you have coped in these surreal times. Parents and carers, if you have any questions regarding your child’s report, please email and this will be forwarded to the class teacher so they can contact you.

We’re back with the final Google meets session this week – and you will get an opportunity to meet your Year 4 teachers. Click here for details of class meets times and access details and check your class times as they may have changed.

If you have any problems please let your teacher know, via the year 3 email, BEFORE the day.

Here are some amazing photos of your that we received to the home learning email:  and class blogs.


Alexander’s work



Harrietta in Shetland class


Harrietta in Shetland class

Kurtis in Holly class




Kurtis in Holly class

Tiago in Birch class.


Tiago in Birch class

Ashan in Asteroids class


Ashan in Asteroids class

Well done to all who have sent pictures in throughout lock-down. Why not keep them and other pieces of work in a diary or special book to show your Year 4 teacher in September! 

Below you will find the tasks for this week along with extra activities for you to try. Some of the activities are at the end of the videos/powerpoint or you can download the pdf version to print if you wish. Both are perfect opportunities to practice your handwriting 🙂

There is also the last weekly trust challenge, which can be found in extra activities.

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Monday Literacy – Story ending Maths – Capacity PE – Yoga
Tuesday Maths – Times table game Literacy – Book review French – food
Wednesday PE Literacy Mind Power
Thursday DT – Treasure chest Spellings – ‘struct’ PAT challenge
Friday Maths – Design a playground PHSE – Reflection Well Being



Stay safe over the summer holidays and we’ll see you all in September

The Year 3 Team.


LITERACY – Listen to chapter 26 of Edward Tulane and then come back here for the final instalment. Today you will be predicting what the ending will be and having a go at writing your own ending to the story.

MATHS – It’s hot outside! Today you will be using the skills you have learned during previous lessons in capacity to experiment. Follow the PowerPoint and see if you can you can practically explore capacity and volume. For this lesson you will need a measuring jug, cups and some squash. Follow the PowerPoint for detailed instructions on what to do.

PE – Yoga poses.


Downloads for Monday


LITERACY – Now that we’ve completed reading Edward Tulane, we’re going to summarise the story by creating our own book review. Watch the video lesson to guide you through summarising and reviewing Edward Tulane.

MATHS – Can you play this times tables game with your family? See who wins and also practice them ready for Year 4

FRENCH – Have you ever wondered how to say some of your favourite foods in French? Well, in today’s lesson you will learn just that! Listen carefully and repeat after me as we learn how to say ‘I eat…’ a variety of delicious foods. There is also a matching French word to picture activity to download and have a go at. Enjoy!

Downloads for Tuesday


PE – Joe Wicks

Mind Power – co-ordination

Today, we are back with the imoves team to challenge our brain and body co-ordination. Discuss the following questions with your adults and record your answers – you can write sentences, draw a poster or do a video to share.

Which exercise was the trickiest? Which exercise was your favourite? Can you create other moves that challenge your brain and body? Now challenge other people in your house to do the exercises with you.

Literacy – In today’s lesson we remember all the adventures Edward has been on and items special to him. Can you write about them?

Downloads for Wednesday


SPELLINGS – Today we are looking at word families based on the root word ‘struct’. What does ‘struct’ mean ? Follow the PowerPoint and then make a crossword or word search using the words you’ve learnt today and throughout year 3.

DT – Make a nature treasure chest.


The task this week is:​

‘Big Camp!’

And that’s the game!! See the downloads below for more information.


Downloads for Thursday


PHSE – You have made it to the final day of year 3! Well done for all of your hard work. We have made lots of memories this year but what are you most proud of? Today you will be reflecting on what you are most proud of, how you learned from mistakes and setting goals for year 4. You can create a PowerPoint, a poster or simply write a few paragraphs about this.

MATHS – It’s the last maths lesson of year 3! Today we are going to be practising some of the skills we learnt throughout the year in a special investigation. Find the work pack that goes along with this lesson in Friday’s downloads section and follow along with the video to design your own playground.

WELL-BEING –  We have though a lot about positive thoughts and mental health and well-being in the last couple of weeks. While we are away for the summer, we would like you to continue this. Try out the well-being activities (see downloads below) for ways to stay, happy and healthy.


Downloads for Friday

Extra Activities

ART – Get creative with pebble art. Click here for instruction on how you can do this or click here to watch a you tube version. You don’t have to use acrylic paints, regular paints or sharpie pens work just as well. Cover with a thin layer or PVA glue or varnish for a glossy finish.

Pebble art

GOOGLE MEET – Join the team on .Wednesday at 2:30pm via the ‘Google meet’ platform. This week’s code to enter is  ‘year3july15’. Read the: news  story regarding this for more information and how to gain access if you haven’t joined us before.

Year 3 / 4 Statutory spelling mat

ART – Make  a Hepworth necklace Make a necklace that you can look through inspired by Barbara Hepworth.  Barbara Hepworth’s abstract sculptures were inspired by nature. She especially liked the holes and hollows of shells, caves and rocks.  Make a trendy, unique necklace inspired by Hepworth’s sculptures (Tate Kids).


Downloads for Extra Activities

Published on 12th July, 2020

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