Year 3

Week Starting 08 July 2020

Hello Year 3 children and families,

We’re back with Google meets session this week. Click here for details of class meets times and access details.

If you have any problems please let your teacher know, via the year 3 email, BEFORE the day.

We are also still making calls to lots of you so please remember if you get a call from an ‘unknown’ number it may be your teacher.

Here are some amazing photos of your that we received to the home learning email:  and class blogs.

Ethan’s work

Harrietta in Shetland class


David in Shetland class

Lucy in Holly class


Cara in Birch class

Lena in Birch class.

Jayden in Asteroids class


Ashan phillips in Asteroids class

Ralph and Greta in Cedar class

Well done to all who have sent pictures in so far. Keep sending (Don’t forget to include your name and class).

Below you will find the tasks for this week along with extra activities for you to try. Some of the activities are at the end of the videos/powerpoint or you can download the pdf version to print if you wish. Both are perfect opportunities to practice your handwriting 🙂

There is also the weekly trust challenge, which can be found in extra activities.  This week it is for children to write a poem or design a poster which describes their thoughts and feelings about how Black Lives Matter – and the photo of Ralph and Greta fitted perfectly! If you could please email your work to their Year 3 group email address. Work will then be put onto a whole Pegasus Academy Trust news story gallery.

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Monday Literacy – Descriptive language Maths – Capacity – Reading scales RE – Four noble truths
Tuesday French – Months of the year Literacy – Taking notes Pegasus Trust Weekly Task
Wednesday Maths – Compare capacity Literacy – Justifications Reading – Summary
Thursday PE – Afrobeats Reading – Apostrophes
Friday Literacy – Speech Maths – Add and Subtract capacity Science – Seed dispersal

Stay safe.

The Year 3 Team.


LITERACY – In this lesson you are using descriptive language and thinking about how hard and desperate life has become for Edward and Bryce. Make a timeline of owners and events and how he may have felt at each point in his life so far.

MATHS – In this lesson you will be learning how scales can be represented in different ways and following the steps to work out how to read them. Once you have watched the video, download the document which will have some more examples for you to have a practise on.

RE – In this final lesson of RE, you will learn about what the four noble truths are and their importance to Buddhist. After some reflection, you will be creating and writing a rule that you think will make the world a better place. You can also design a poster to go along with your new rule.


FRENCH – Today we will be learning how to say the months of the year in French. Learning another language can be really tricky but join in today to get practising.

LITERACY – In today’s lesson we are learning to justify an opinion. Join Mr. Shipley reading chapter 23, then continue to watch and think about the different points of view the characters might have at this point in the story. What do you think should happen and why? Write down your opinions and keep them safe to use in the next literacy lesson.


The task this week is:​
Write a poem or design a poster which describes your thoughts and feelings about how Black Lives Matter.
You can use the following to support yourideas:
  • Why is BLM important?
  • What does diversity look like to them?
  • What is equality and What does it look like to them?
  • Why is equality important?
  • What values are important to them?
  • What is a community?


MATHS – Use the sheets to measure and compare capacity.

READING – Using the book Charlie Changes Into a Chicken you will learn how to summarise information and to write creatively. Click HERE for the BBC link to complete today’s task.

Literacy – What will Bryce do? Explain what you think Bryce could do to get Edward back by justifying your opinion.

PE –  Learn some afro dance moves by following this video – click on this link

Downloads for Wednesday


PE – For Sports week, we took you to the Caribbean. This week, we travel to the continent of Africa for a series of moves that you can use at the next disco! Follow the video below for a step by step guide on how to do this. Have fun!

READING – Using the novel The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy, you will summarise information, share your impressions about characters and predict what might happen next. Click here for today’s task.

LITERACY – Click HERE to learn what apostrophes are using today’s BBC clip and complete the activities linked to the session.


Downloads for Thursday


LITERACY – Edward finds himself back among some dolls, but how is he feeling this time around? How do these dolls feel about Edward? Listen to Chapter 24 and then follow the video below to help you plan and write some dialogue. Listen to Chapter 25 to finish the lesson.

Chapter 24

Task Video

Chapter 25

MATHS – Today we are adding and subtracting capacities.


SCIENCE – Discover the many wonderful ways in which flowering plants spread their seeds and why they’re found from the waterside to the hilltops, and everywhere in between. Click HERE to watch the short bbc bite size clip and complete activity sheet.

Downloads for Friday

Extra Activities



GOOGLE MEET – Join the team on .Wednesday at .2:30pm via the ‘Google meet’ platform. This week’s code to enter is  ‘year3july08’. Read the: news  story regarding this for more information and how to gain access if you haven’t joined us before.

Downloads for Extra Activities

Published on 8th July, 2020

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