Year 3

Week Starting 28 June 2020

Hello Year 3 children and families,

We hope that you managed to stay safe while enjoying the sun last week.

We’re back this week with our year group and also class Google meets. Click here for details such as times and access details as there may have been some changes.

If you have any problems please let your teacher know, via the year 3 email, BEFORE the day.

We are also still making calls to lots of you so please remember if you get a call from an ‘unknown’ number it may be your teacher.

Here are some amazing photos of your that we received to the home learning email:  and class blogs.


Ethan in Shetland class with some of his maths.

Lorenzo in Meteors class putting together his musical soundtrack.


Ingrid in Asteroids class and her Stone Age pots.



Harry in Cedar class with his happiness journal.

Ralph and Greta in Cedar class peacefully expressing their views.

Kurtis-Theo in Holly class showing off his interactive map.

Lucy in Holly class and her missing Eeyore poster.


Luke in Birch class showing us what he has been growing

Shivesh in Elm class with his Stone Age necklace

Well done to all who have sent pictures in so far. Keep sending (Don’t forget to include you name and class).

Below you will find the tasks for this week along with extra activities for you to try. Some of the activities are at the end of the videos/powerpoint or you can download the pdf version to print if you wish. Both are perfect opportunities to practice your handwriting 🙂

There is also the weekly trust challenge, which can be found in extra activities.

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Monday Maths – Reading scales PE – Cycling Reading – Comprehension
Tuesday Literacy – Extend sentences Maths – Comparing Mass Thematic – Quiz
Wednesday RE – Buddhist symbols Literacy – Homophones Maths – Adding and subtracting mass
Thursday Maths – Shopping list French – Alphabet Literacy – Descriptive language
Friday Literacy – Persuasive poster RE/PHSE – Origami lotus flowers Maths – Mass baking activity

Just a few weeks left.

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The Year 3 Team.


BIRCH Google meet – Birch class, join Ms Stewart for her last session, an Edward Tulane book catch up via the Google meet platform at 10am.

MATHS – Do you know what a scale is? Where have you seen scales before? What is the same and what is different about all of the scales that you have seen? Today you will look at some different scales and learn how to read them accurately. Follow the powerpoint and then answer the questions. (See downloads below)

PE – We’re back with the imoves team again today for an outdoor cycling workout from the comfort of your own home. Don’t worry of you can’t ride a bike, all you need is a chair. How exciting!

READING -The place where a story happens is called the setting. Throughout this story, Edward has been in many different places. For example; Egypt street, Abeline’s home. The Ocean, Workshop of the doll repairman. He has just found himself at yet another place, Bryce’s home. Think about how this setting is like and different from the any of the other settings he was in. Then, using chapters 16 and 17 (see videos below), have a go at answering these questions. Remember to use evidence from the text to support your answers

Chapter 16

Chapter 17


HOLLY Google meet – Holly class, join Ms Pumphrey for a catch up via the Google meet platform at 1pm.

LITERACY – Last week we looked at how to extend our sentences by using complex sentences. This week, we will recap using fronted adverbials. Click here to watch the BBC clip and complete the activities. Once you have finished, listen to Mr Ingham’s reading of Chapter 18. (see downloads below)

Chapter 18



MATHS – Today we will be comparing mass. Watch the video to show you how to compare the mass of different objects and then download the problem sheet, which will help you practise your skills.

THEMATIC – Let’s do a quiz together. If you don’t know the answers that’s OK, use Google to look them up.




SHETLAND Google meet – Shetland class, join Ms Birtwistle, plus a special guest, for ‘Show and tell’ via the Google meet platform at 11am. Remember to bring something to share with the class.

Cedar Google meet – Cedar class, join Mr Shipley for a catch up via the Google meet platform at 1pm.

EXMOOR Google meet – Exmoor class, join Ms Hendricks for a catch up via the Google meet platform at 12 noon.

RE – Today, we will looking at and drawing some Buddhist symbols.

Link for powerpoint


LITERACY – Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings. They also have different spellings. Have a look at the BBC clip and then see if you can complete the activity linked to our latest text to use homophones correctly. You can use a dictionary to help you if you wish. (Click this link for how to use a dictionary effectively.)

MATHS – Watch the video below to learn how to add and subtract mass. Then, complete the questions on the worksheet. The year 3 expanded method videos can be found by clicking HERE. Remember to pause the video in-between questions to practise before checking your answers.


METEORS Google meet – Meteors class, join Mr Ingham for a catch up via the Google meet platform at 11am.

MATHS – In this activity, you will learn to identify the ingredients needed to make a cake and create a shopping list. In doing so, you will develop your skills of abstraction. (See downloads below)

FRENCH- Today we will explore the patterns of the French alphabet. Through song, we will develop accurate pronunciation and intonation so that others understand when we are spelling words. Follow the video below for today’s session.


Chapter 19

Today we will be writing about Edward and Byrce’s journey to Memphis. (See video below)
Think about what they may see, hear, smell as they travel. Use this to plan your writing and then use a range of descriptive language to write the next paragraphs about their journey. Listen to Chapter 20 (click the link below) to complete the session.

Chapter 20 – Click HERE


ASTEROIDS Google meet – Asteroids class, join Ms Odemo for a catch up via the Google meet platform at 11:30am.

NEW FOREST Google meet – New Forest class, join Ms Campbell for a catch up via the Google meet platform at 11am.

LITERACY – Watch the video below to show how to use persuasive language techniques to get creative and design a poster encouraging passers-by to watch Edward dance! Use the planning sheet (See downloads below) to help you if you need it.

RE/PSHE – In Buddhist symbolism, the lotus represents purity of the body, speech and mind, as if floating above the murky waters of material attachment and physical desire. Follow one of the videos – Flower 1 or flower 2 to create an origami lotus flower. Stick the flower on a different coloured sheet of card or paper and next to each petal, write down how you are going to take care of your own health and well-being over the next week.

MATHS – Today you will be baking with Miss Odemo! You will be using the skills you have learned during previous lessons on mass to experiment. Follow the PowerPoint and see if you can you can practically explore mass through baking. All recipes are based on a few ingredients that you might already have at home. Email in your pictures so we can see what you have baked! Links from the video: Brownies – click HERE. Mug cake – click HERE

Extra Activities

LITERACY – Recap what a noun phrase is and follow the BBC clip to create some noun phrases of your own.

OUTDOOR LEARNING – I can see a rainbow. Can you find something in your garden or local outdoor space for each colour of the rainbow? Follow todays’ task for a fun outdoor learning session or a bit of friendly competition if you have siblings. (See downloads below) Don’t forget to take some pictures for the learning page or your class blogs.

PEGASUS WEEKLY TASK – What will you remember most about lockdown? This week, we would like you to put all of your Lockdown memories in one place and make a time capsule to remember this historical event. (see downloads below for more details)

Google Meet – Join the team on .Wednesday at .2:30pm for another interactive session via the ‘Google meet’ platform. This week’s code to enter is  ‘year3july01’. Read the: news  story regarding this for more information and how to gain access if you haven’t joined us before.

Published on 28th June, 2020

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