Year 3

Week Starting 21 June 2020

Hello Year 3,

Welcome back! We hope that you all had a lovely weekend. It is the last full week of June. Where did the time go?

It was Summer Solstice on Saturday 20th June – that’s the longest day of the year! Who can find out what happened at Stonehenge? Why not draw and write about it and email in your work.

Stonehenge Summer Solstice Sunrise (With images) | Stonehenge ...

As this week is National Sports week, there are lots of activities planned to keep you active alongside all the wonderful, new things you will be learning this week. Remember to send photos of you doing activities and your work. You may post these on your class blog or our send them to our home learning email –



Jack-Noah in Elm class showing off his Stone Age necklace.



Harrietta in Shetland class with some lovely artwork.


Coco in New Forest class has been awfully busy.

Nikolai in Holly class after a spot of baking.

Nina in Holly class with some fantastic artwork.

 Lena in Birch class with her Stone age necklace.

Sofia in Birch class doing some baking.

Romy in Cedar class with her message in a bottle.

Ashan in Asteroids class and his football signing. Well done!

Well done to all who have sent pictures in so far. Keep sending (Don’t forget to include you name and class).

Below you will find the tasks for this week along with extra activities for you to try. Some of the activities are at the end of the videos/powerpoint or you can download the pdf version to print if you wish.

Click here for this week’s Google meet timetable.

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Monday PE – Caribbean workout Maths – Add length Literacy – Story predictions
Tuesday Maths – Subtract length Literacy – Extending sentences Music – Create a soundtrack
Wednesday Literacy – Comprehension PE – Ladder workout Maths – Measure perimeter
Thursday Science – Photosynthesis Pegasus Academy Trust weekly task Literacy – letter
Friday Thematic – How can I be a historian? Maths – Calculate perimeter PHSE – Why I am amazing!

Have a lovely week

The Year 3 Team.


BIRCH Google meet – Birch class, join Ms Stewart for a catch up via the Google meet platform at 10am.

PE – DING DONG! Start the week off by taking a trip to the Caribbean to join Ding Dong, The ravers and more as they show you a range of moves to get you feeling the summer sun for Sports Week.


MATHS – Today we will looking at how to add lengths. You will not only need your addition skills but also your subtraction and your converting skills to help you through this lesson.  Watch the video below. If you need additional support, click here for the Pegasus calculation videos.


LITERACY – Find out what happens next to Edward Tulane. Then write your own prediction.

Introduction (Part 1)

Chapter 15 (Part 2)

Modelling (Part 3)


HOLLY Google meet – Holly class, join Ms Pumphrey for a catch up via the Google meet platform at 1pm.

MATHS – Today we will be using our knowledge of subtraction to subtract lengths. You will need to use the skills you have learnt over the past few lessons and convert metres to centimetres and millimetres to centimetres to help you solve the subtraction problems. Click for the calculation videos that will help you when you follow the PowerPoint. There are also voiced examples to guide you.

LITERACY – We have looked at different sentence types before. Today we will explore subordinating conjunctions to help extend our sentences. Work through the video and then complete today’s activites.

MUSIC – Music is the answer! Today you will be creating your own percussion soundtrack for a movie or show of your choice. If you don’t have an instrument at home, or even if you do, click here to find out how to make a rain stick or click the second link to find out how to make other percussion instruments. Why not go a step further a create a dance to accompany in an effort to keep moving? Have fun!


SHETLAND Google meet – Shetland class, join Ms Birtwistle for a catch up via the Google meet platform at 11am.

EXMOOR Google meet – Exmoor class, join Ms Hendricks for a catch up via the Google meet platform at 12 noon.

LITERACY – Read chapters 13-15 (or go back and listen to the teacher video readings if you prefer) and have a go at answering the questions. Look out for where you may need to use evidence from the book to show how you got your answers.

PE – Let’s climb the ladder! Today we will complete a series of exercises increasing the repetitions as we go. How many times can you climb the ladder in 30 minutes? Set an alarm and let us know.  Have fun!

MATHS – Time to get your rulers out! In today’s maths lesson we introduce measuring the perimeter of 2D shapes. If you are able to print at home, use the worksheet to practise finding the perimeter, but there are activities that can be done at home without a printer. Answers are included separately once the learning tasks are complete.




METEORS Google meet – Meteors class, join Mr Ingham for a catch up via the Google meet platform at 11am.

SCIENCE – How do plants eat? Watch today’s video all about Photosynthesis to find out and then answer the questions to complete the session.

Pegasus Trust weekly task- At this time of year, we are often enjoying taking part in Sports’ Day or competing at the Croydon Schools’ Athletics Championship.  This year, our celebration of sport will be a bit different. We would like you to get active by building – and using – your very own obstacle course. (See downloads below for more details about the task)

LITERACY – Listen again to Ms Pumphrey reading chapter 15 of Edward Tulane and then use what we know of the story so far to write a letter to Pellegrina. You are going to be Edward expressing your feelings to Pellegrina. You need to include how your attitude and feelings towards Abilene have changed over the course of your journey. Use the help sheet to give you some ideas for what to write.


ASTEROIDS Google meet – Asteroids class, join Ms Odemo for a catch up via the Google meet platform at 11:30am.

NEW FOREST Google meet – New Forest class, join Ms Campbell for a catch up via the Google meet platform at 1:30pm

THEMATIC – Find out what skills you need to become a historian and whether or not all sources are reliable. Click the bbc link to complete today’s task.

MATHS- Follow the powerpoint to learn how to work out the perimeter of a 2d shape. See if you can solve the extra challenges at the end with some missing measurements! If you can print at home there’s a sheet called ‘Perimeter matching dino to enclosure’ with some problems to solve.

PSHE – Resilience is the number one characteristic of successful people. The ability to overcome setbacks, bounce back and go again is written largely in the stories of successful people. In this lesson we look at what a positive mindset is and how to develop it.

Extra Activities

Google Meet– We’re back for a weekly dose of year 3 collaborations. Join the team on Wednesday at 2:30pm via the ‘Google meet’ platform. This week’s code to enter is  ‘year3june24’. Read the news  story regarding this for more information and how to gain access if you haven’t joined us before. Please remember to check that your details work BEFORE the day of the meet so that we can help you if possible. Also, remember to follow the instructions once there otherwise you will be removed.

MATHS -Get moving by practicing your 8 times table with the supermovers.

DT – You may not be able to see into space with these but why not have a go a making your own pair of home made binoculars.

Published on 21st June, 2020

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